Doogee D11 Sport SmartWatch

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Doogee is perhaps best known for its rugged Android smartphones. I have reviewed a couple of the phones in the past, and they are quite good. The main appeal of them is that they are both rugged and affordable.

They also have a range of smartwatches which are also all very affordable. Several new watches have been launched, and the D11 has the most striking design, or there is the CR1 Pro if you prefer something more normal looking.

The watch has a chunky square design of plastic construction and comes in striking contrasting colours. The sample I was sent has light great on black.

The display is 1.32 inches with a 360×360 resolution giving you a pixel density of 386 PPI.

On the side of the watch is a physical crown which can be used for navigation. It is a plastic dial and push-down button which works effectively for navigation.

Doogee D11 Watch Faces
Available Watch Faces

The watch has a wide range of features that you will be familiar with from much more expensive brands. The overall features and UI design of the watch are quite familiar with other brands I have used.

The mobile app the watch uses is Glory FIT, and this is available for both Android and Apple.

This includes:

  • Taking phone calls or cancelling calls using the Bluetooth function
  • Information-rich notifications, including the contents of any messages, received.
  • AI Voice Assistant – Double-tap to activate the voice assistant and, with your voice, ask any question or command.
  • Health features including:
    • 24/7 heart rate monitor using a VP60 heart rate detection sensor and spotlight CD ring, which can work on different skin tones.
    • Stress detection
    • Sleep – Just like more expensive watches, this will track and analyse your sleep, giving you data on the quality of sleep and different sleep phases.
    • SpO2 – This watch has all-day blood oxygen monitoring, whereas some older smartwatches only tested this from manual tests or at night.
  • The watch also has 70 different sports modes you can track. It does not have GPS built-in, but it should use assisted GPS from your phone.
  • The watch has an excellent IP68 waterproof rating. However, they do state not to use this in a hot bath.
  • You also have the usual smartwatch features including:
    • Weather
    • Music Control
    • Find my phone
    • Calculator
    • Stop Watch
    • Alarm clock
    • Flashlight

One feature this watch has that I have not seen on other affordable watches before is the inclusion of a couple of games, including a flappy bird clone.

You get a good battery life of 7-days, but this will vary depending on how many features you have enabled and how much you switch on display.

The watch is very affordable. On Doogee Mall, it is currently priced at $49.99, which works out at about £41.50.

You can get the watch even cheaper on Aliexpress.

The watch is currently listed as £35.40 on Aliexpress. Shipping will be from Hong Kong, so it will take a few weeks to arrive.

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