Creative Zen Air SXFI and Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI

Today, Creative has introduced the Zen Air SXFI and Zen Hybrid SXFI, their latest entries in the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds and headphones market. These devices promise to transport users into an immersive auditory world powered by the innovative Super X-Fi technology. By integrating advanced audio capabilities, these products aim to redefine how users experience their favourite media on platforms like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube.

Super X-Fi: A New Dimension in Sound

Super X-Fi technology is renowned for recreating the expansive soundstage of a high-end multi-speaker surround system. With its integration into the Creative Zen Air SXFI and Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI, this technology enhances the user experience by delivering a three-dimensional audio environment. This spatial audio technology brings a heightened sense of realism and depth, whether it’s the booming roar of an explosion in a movie, the gentle rustling of leaves in a forest, or the precise positioning of footsteps in a game. This auditory enhancement is designed to make users feel as if they are truly part of the action.

Personalization through the SXFI APP

To further customize the listening experience, the SXFI APP is available on both iOS and Android devices. This app allows users to personalize the Super X-Fi sound to their specific head and ear shape, ensuring a more accurate and immersive audio experience.

Advanced Features and Technology

Both the Creative Zen Air SXFI and Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI are equipped with a range of features to cater to various user needs. These include Hybrid ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), Adaptive ANC, and Ambient mode, allowing users to choose their level of immersion or awareness of their surroundings. The low-latency mode ensures that audio remains perfectly in sync, which is particularly beneficial for gaming and watching videos. Multipoint connectivity allows users to seamlessly switch between two Bluetooth devices, enhancing convenience and usability.

Creative Zen Air SXFI

The Creative Zen Air SXFI is designed for those who are constantly on the go. It features custom-tuned 10mm Neodymium drivers that deliver crystal-clear highs and well-balanced mids, providing an exceptional audio playback experience. With a total playtime of up to 39 hours (with ANC off), these earbuds offer extended usage without frequent recharging. Additional features include IPX5 water resistance, making them suitable for various outdoor activities, and wireless charging capabilities for added convenience.

Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI

The Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI takes the audio experience to another level with its custom-tuned 40mm Neodymium drivers. These drivers provide precise highs and deep lows, creating an elevated audio experience. Users can enjoy up to 70 hours of playtime (with ANC off), allowing for long listening sessions without interruptions. The foldable headband design adds to its portability, making it easy to carry and store. The headphones also support analogue line-in for versatile connectivity options. Built-in microphones with Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC) ensure clear communication during calls and voice commands, further enhancing the overall user experience.

The Innovation Behind Super X-Fi Technology

Super X-Fi technology has garnered attention for its ability to replicate the listening experience of a multi-speaker system within a pair of headphones. This technology captures the spatial characteristics of a set of high-end speakers and recreates it within the headphones. The result is an audio experience that feels expansive and natural, significantly enhancing the depth and realism of the sound.

Adaptive ANC and Hybrid ANC: Enhancing User Experience

The integration of Adaptive ANC and Hybrid ANC in both the Creative Zen Air SXFI and Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI allows for a highly customizable noise-cancellation experience. Adaptive ANC adjusts the level of noise cancellation based on the surrounding environment, providing optimal sound quality in various settings. Hybrid ANC combines feedforward and feedback ANC to effectively reduce unwanted noise, ensuring a more immersive listening experience.

Multipoint Connectivity for Seamless Transitions

Multipoint connectivity is a feature that enables users to connect their headphones or earbuds to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. This allows for seamless transitions between devices, such as switching from a phone call on a smartphone to watching a movie on a tablet. This feature enhances convenience and ensures that users do not miss important notifications or calls.

Low-Latency Mode for Gamers and Movie Buffs

The low-latency mode available in the Creative Zen Air SXFI and Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI ensures that audio remains perfectly in sync with visual content. This is particularly important for gamers and those who enjoy watching movies, as it minimizes the delay between the audio and the visual components, providing a more cohesive and enjoyable experience.

IPX5 Water Resistance for Active Lifestyles

The IPX5 water resistance rating of the Creative Zen Air SXFI makes it suitable for users with active lifestyles. This rating means that the earbuds can withstand water splashes from any direction, making them ideal for workouts, outdoor activities, and even light rain.

Wireless Charging for Added Convenience

Wireless charging capabilities provide added convenience for users of the Creative Zen Air SXFI. This feature allows users to charge their earbuds without the need for cables, simply by placing them on a compatible wireless charging pad. This makes it easier to keep the earbuds charged and ready for use.

Pricing and Availability

The Creative Zen Air SXFI is priced at £69.99, while the Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI is available for £89.99. Both products are currently available for pre-order on

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