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Car alarms can be noisy and annoying, but they can be beneficial to car owners in many ways. Alarms can save your car from theft by drawing attention if any suspicious activity occurs. Moreover, it can save not only your vehicle but also your belongings that may be inside. However, different factors determine the effectiveness of a car alarm.

To understand the effectiveness of car alarms, you need to understand some key points, which we will cover in this article.

OEM Alarm Systems

To determine the effectiveness of an alarm system, you should know the difference between a keyless entry and an OEM alarm system. You can say it as the aftermarket alarm and the one that your car had in the beginning. The OEM alarm system refers to the single-way alarm system. This system enables users to remotely start, lock and unlock the doors, trigger alarm horns, and reset the starter or injector kill.

Aftermarket Alarm Systems

Aftermarket alarm systems work to alarm owners of any suspicious activity. The unique functionality of the system alerts owners if somebody is accessing the car illegally, while its proximity sensors warn people away if they get too close.

Technological Upgrades

Modern alarms work more efficiently than older models. Modern alarms are equipped with a system that disables the car signals to the car’s ignition system or its fuel pump, meaning thieves cannot drive the car away. These systems make alarms more efficient and provide more security to car owners.

Is an Alarms Necessary for Old Cars?

Car alarms are not considered necessary by many car owners, especially owners of comparatively older and cheaper car models because they might find it unnecessary considering the age of their car. However, older models like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are actually the ones that are most commonly stolen. You might be wondering, what is the point of stealing such inexpensive cars? Thieves can get good money from selling the car parts, with the lower risk of getting caught. Therefore, alarms are necessary even for older models of cars.

Do Alarms Bother Thieves?

Thieves these days are nothing like those of the past. Car thieves can bypass alarms using various means and if your system is not advanced enough then your chances of your car getting stolen are higher. Moreover, some thieves do not even care about car alarms. They take it as an opportunity and get their work done even with the noisy alarm, as we’ll see in the sections below.

Transmitters and Key Cloning

Transmitters and key cloning are among the advanced stealing methods used by car theives. Using these methods, thieves can completely bypass the alarm system. Through transmitters and key cloning, thieves can easily access the car, start it, and drive it away without being disturbed by an alarm.

Securing Your Car Using Modern Techniques

With advancements in technology, alarm systems are becoming better every day. We’ll review some of these efficient systems below.

1.       CarLock

CarLock provides an additional level of protection than just a noisy alarm. This system needs to be installed by a professional. It has higher functionality, and a naïve individual cannot simply install it, especially if you select the hardwired option that needs a mechanic to install and attach it to the battery. However, some other options, like the OBD port, do not require expert installation. You can also select the wireless option for higher convenience. After the system is installed, connect it with the CarLock app and enjoy some great host benefits.

Through CarLock, you can monitor your vehicle even from a far distance or even another part of the world. The system continuously updates you with notifications and alarms about the car, even if the app is closed, you will still get the notification.

2.       Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

A reliable Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system can help to keep your vehicle secure. This technology uses a unique optical character recognition system that reads the registered number plates of the cars. It is used by police, law enforcement agencies, electronic toll collectors, smart parking, and other parking management system. This allows you to secure your car through automatic recognition.

3.       Electronic Tracking

Electronic tracking, or GPS, is the most efficient and cheapest way to save your vehicle from thieves. GPS can give you a continuous update on your car’s location that helps police get thieves behind bars while helping you get your car back.

On the one hand, technologies related to car security are building at a rapid pace, but at the same time, thieves are also using the latest technologies to achieve their goals. However, the latest technologies are working even harder to keep your car secure. And if you want to save your car from falling into the wrong hands, having an alarm is an important part of this picture.

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