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Steam generator irons may not be the normal sort of gadget you see on here, but it is a household appliance that is just as important as any other, and any technology that can improve the tedium of ironing is welcome by me!

If you are not familiar with steam generator irons, they are a much larger, and often more expensive version of your old fashioned iron. They come in 2 sections, the iron itself and the reservoir/heating mechanism. This design choice means 2 things, the iron can store considerably more water, and quite often the heating element is more powerful.

This allows the unit to produce a large amount of steam and supply it at a very steady state, whereas, from my experience, older irons run out of steam in a short period of time.  Blasting your clothes with a decent amount of steam allows you to iron them far quicker.

In the case of the Braun CareStyle 3 I has a large 2-litre tank with 2400W of heating which can provide a continual steam rate of 120 g/min or you can blast it with 340 g/min.

Those number didn’t mean a great deal to me, but for comparison’s sake the Philips Azur iron which is one of the best review irons on Amazon produces 50 g of continuous steam and powerful 200 g steam boost.

In practice, this made a huge difference in my ironing. I literally did a basket full of shirts in 20 mins. The steam function meant that I was pretty much passing over the material once before it looked smooth enough.

The separation of the reservoir from the iron also means you have an exceptionally light iron. Again this might not mean much, but in reality, it makes the whole motion of ironing a lot easier, the iron just glides over your clothes with no effort.

The main downside of the Braun CareStyle 3 is the cost, it is currently available for £179.99 on Currys making it considerably more expensive than conventional irons. In comparison to other steam generators, the pricing isn’t bad, you can get cheaper Murphey Richards one but most others retail for over £100.

Overall this is a great iron, that makes the household chore considerably more bearable and produces good results while you’re at it. It does require a large investment, but the value of my time saved should justify the initial cost.


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