Best USB C Power Delivery Chargers 2021

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I am a big fan of power delivery via USB-C. It makes life so much easier not having to wonder where a specific plug is and being able to charge all your devices universally.

I particularily love the higher powered ones that can charge your laptop as well as other USB devices. If you then combine it with a phone that supports power delivery (such as Xiaomi) you will never need to run short on battery again.

I have lots of chargers dotted around the house, different ones for different scenarios.

So what options are the best?

Best for laptops – Choetech PD 100W Dual USB-C

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The Choetech PD 100W Dual USB-C is my favourite current charger; I use it in the living room so I can charge my phone or my Huawei Matebook 13. It can output up to 100W on a single port, so is powerful enough to charge any USB-C equipped laptop..

A more affordable option would be the Choetech PD 65W which has 1 USB-C 65W port and a second USB-A port. This should be good enough to charge most laptops.

Best for your desktop – RAVPower PD Pioneer 65W

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The RAVPower PD Pioneer 65W has a lead for the plug, so it can stretch to your socket with the charger sitting on your table. It has 4 ports, with 2 USB-C power delivery then an additional 2 USB-A. It is ideal for keeping all the gadgets I have on my desk charged.

Best for USB-A ports – RAVPower 60W 5-Port USB Wall Charger

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An alternative option is the RAVPower 60W 5-Port USB Wall Charger. It is a bit cheaper, and it ditches a USB-C port in favour of 2 additional USB-A ports. Power delivery is best for phones and laptops, for all your other gadgets, USB-A is fine. So an option with lots of USB-A ports is ideal for keeping all my random tech charged.

Best for your bag (smallest) –  Anker 30W PowerPort III mini

If you travel a lot with your tech, you may want to minimise the bulk in your bad. The PowerPort III mini is ideal for that, being considerably smaller than competitors. At 30W its only good for lower power laptops, tablets or phones.

Best for your car – Anker PowerDrive+ III

I normally use a lowe powered wireless charging cradle in my car, but if you need some faster, or even to charge a laptop as your commute between meetings, the Anker PowerDrive+ III is the ideal solution.

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