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The Apple AirPod Pro earbuds are a significant investment with an RRP of £239, though you can get them cheaper on Amazon for around £190.

Unfortunately, like all true wireless earbuds, you have three separate parts, the case and two earbuds, and each one of them is easy to lose.

If you lose one of the AirPods Pro earpieces, then you have no option other than buying an official replacement from Apple. In the UK, this will set you back £85 per earbud, or for US buyers, this is $89. Not great, but cheaper than completely replacing them.

Buy the Official Apple AirPod Pro Charging Case

Apple AirPod Pro Charging Case

If you lose the case, you can go down the official route as well. The official replacement costs are:

  • Wireless charging case for AirPods Pro: £95 / $99
  • Magsafe Charging Case for AirPods Pro: £95 / $99

AirPods Airpod Replacement Service Page

It is probably no surprise that this is your best option if you want a quality, reliable case.

However, it is possible to buy a replacement case for quite a bit less than this via third-party manufacturers. I should warn that there is a good chance that a third-party case will not be as good as the official case, but you can pick them up on Amazon for around £37 in the UK, which is a significant saving.

Used Cases from CEX

It is also possible to save a little money by buying a used case. If you buy from a reputable website such as CEX, in theory, it should be OK. There is not a huge saving to be had; when I looked, CEX buy cases for £35 and then sells them for £75 as a grade B. In this scenario, I think I would prefer to buy a new case directly from Apple. Grade A costs £85, which is just ridiculous.

Ebay Pre-Owned and New Opened Cases

Ebay has pre-owned and refurbished cases. You can buy opened never used for about £70, and there are numerous sellers auctioning cases. These could be a good buy, but I’d urge some caution. There seems to be little way of knowing if these cases are 100% genuine.

As far as cases on Amazon go, they are cheap, you know they are not genuine, and the reviews seem to be mixed. But if you can’t justify the £95, it is worth trying out. Amazon has a good returns policy, so if the case doesn’t work as intended, you can always send it back.

Read the Amazon reviews properly first – Watch out for bait and switch product listing

With Amazon cracking down on fake reviews, for lack of a better term, I have noticed more and more bait and switch product listings.

This is where there has previously been a product listed under the Amazon ASIN that has received favourable reviews. Then a new seller (or more likely the existing seller) manages to take over that ASIN and replace the old product with something completely different.

This means the new product has all the favourable reviews from the past, but if you read the reviews, they don’t match the product that is being sold.

I nearly recommended the KUXIYAN AirPods Pro Charging Case (DO NOT BUY THIS) as it had the most and best reviews for this case. A quick scan of the reviews reveals a different story.

The actual product has only had 5 reviews in the past year, and four of them are 1 star, stating it does not work properly.

The previous reviews all appear to be for an OTG USB adaptor.

Amazon Third Party Replacement Apple AirPod Pro Charging Cases

If I am honest, I am not sure any of these are worth the risk, they all have mediocre reviews. Amazon does have a good return policy, so if you want to take the risk just make sure you test everything thoroughly.

Overall Recommendation

I started this post hoping to find an affordable charging case that I could confidently recommend instead of paying £95 to Apple.

Unfortunately, the reality is that you are probably best at getting the official case. Third-party cases off Amazon have shocking reviews.

You could risk one of the cheaper cases on Ebay that claim to be real, but I’d say there is a moderately good chance it is fake. I’d make sure you pay on a credit card, though PayPal has some good protections. Make sure you test and inspect the case properly and within the 14-day cooling-off period.

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