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On my quest to find affordable alternatives to branded products, I have recently been looking at home security cameras. I love Arlo and Blink, but at over £120+ for a single camera system for either of those, it can be too expensive for some users.

Priced at £24.99, you are not going to find anything much cheaper than the Bavision Mini Home Security Camera.

This is an indoor camera, and it has no battery or local storage. There is also no cloud service provider. So, it is bare bones, to say the least, but for some, that’s all you need.

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The specifications of the camera are 720P HD with an 80-degree viewing angle.

The camera is reasonably small and light, with the camera attached to an adjustable base that allows its vertical angle to be adjusted. You get wall screws in the pack but no visible holes on the unit to use them. Its flat base and lightweight design means it will be easier to use double sided tape to mount it than drilling holes into walls.

The instructions in the app don’t clearly show the name of the app you need, and when you scan the barcode it takes you to an externally hosted APK. Due to the security issues will baby-cams and cybersecurity issues recently, I would prefer not to install random APKs. However, the APK is for iSmartViewPro which is on Google Play and installing this way allows you to set up the camera reasonably risk-free.

It follows a similar procedure to other cameras, you scan the QR code, give it the WiFi password (2.4GHz only) then let it sync. I was up and running within a couple of minutes, so no problems there.

Once set-up you can via the camera feed. Image quality is OK, in my office it is quite clear to make out objects or people with no serious pixalation. Low light conditions are reasonable too, with my light switched off and a small amount of light outside, things were still quite clear. Based on the price you could argue the camera performance is good.

Unfortunately, there is no onboard storage, nor cloud service. So if you set up the motion activation, you will need to set up an email or FTP service with it. Not ideal, but if you are familiar with these things it is quite simple.


It isn’t quite as impressive as some of the cheap alternatives I have found on Amazon, in particular, the fitness bands, but it does as advertise and is very affordable.

The lack of onboard storage will be off-putting for many, but it is quite simple to have it email a Gmail account or similar.

Bavision iSmartViewPro Mini Home Security Camera Review –
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Product Name: Bavision Mini Home Security Camera

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  1. I just bought a new phone and loaded the same app (iSmartViewPro)I had been using for my Bavision cameras. However, the instructions the app presents are for a different camera and in spite of improvising I can’t get them to pair up. I’ve done this before (a few years ago), everything has been working great, and I don’t know what’s different. Any suggestions?

    I hope can remedy this. I really don’t want to have to buy all new cameras every time I get a new phone!

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