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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series launched with a new feature regarding its straps. Both the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic have been released since the beginning of August this year. There weren’t that many changes, and the design stayed very similar to the previous generation.

The change to the straps has become one of the bigger selling points of the Galaxy Watch 6 series. It promises straps which are ‘One Click easy’ to change out for a new one. The back of the strap has a button for easy connecting and disconnecting. But how easy are these new straps? And what has changed for the Galaxy Watch straps?

How the new Galaxy Watch 6 straps work

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The new Galaxy Watch 6 straps have a button on the back of the strap. Simply depress the button (this takes some force, preferably with your finger nail) until the strap disconnects. To re-connect your strap, simply do the reverse. The button has to be thoroughly depressed. The strap will fit into place on the strap lugs. Once you’re confident the strap is in the right place, the button can be let go in order to lock the strap in. Make sure to check if the strap is on properly before use.

How the old Galaxy Watch straps used to work

The older straps used to work with a different system, the so-called QuickRelease pins. These worked by sliding open the pin and removing the strap. The strap could be re-connected in reverse order. The pin was 20mm wide for all sizes of Galaxy Watch, making it easy to find a replacement strap.

Does my old strap fit on my Galaxy Watch 6?

Surely this big change to the strap means your old trusty Galaxy Watch strap doesn’t fit on your shiny new Galaxy Watch 6 anymore. Well, actually, the pins are still there. Instead of sliding them open manually, the button does it for you. All Galaxy Watch 6 straps are 20mm just like before.

So yes, any 20mm strap will fit perfectly fine on the Galaxy Watch 6. This includes your older straps from previous series. In fact, the new Galaxy Watch 6 straps with a button will also work on the older Galaxy Watch series! A great little update if you’re not willing to replace the entire watch.

Are the new straps actually better?

We commend Samsung for making the change to this system. It’s certainly more helpful for newcomers. It makes it easier to understand how to change out the strap. And it’s more accessible for everyone.

But is it actually easier? Well, that’s debatable. We’re certainly used to the old pin system and prefer it because it’s easier to line up and ensure a good fit. In reality, both systems are a bit finicky and won’t always work for a first-timer. The button, while good in concept, is still hard to depress properly and it’s certainly not as easy as ‘One Click’ as Samsung advertises.

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