Acerpure C2 P2 Launch

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Acer is expanding into the home tech market with the launch of two new Acerpure air purifiers, which are now available in the UK.

These are both HEPA filter air purifiers that claim to filter out PM1.0 particles in addition to 99.97% of 0.3μm suspended particles and bacteria.

Both air purifiers are app-controlled and have built-in air quality monitors, which tends to add a significant cost to these things.

Acer Acerpure Air Pro P2

Acerpure Air Pro P2

The Acerpure Pro Series Air Purifier has a CADR of 324m3h and a noise level of 25/56 dB. As well as filtering out particulate matter, it can filter up to 99% of formaldehyde.

The Acerpure Pro P2 air purifier, including 1 HEPA filter, is available for £249.99.

The press release states:

Equipped with a highly effective HEPA filter, this air purifier ensures the capture and elimination of a wide range of contaminants, including dust, germs, viruses, nicotine, ultrafine particles, hair, and even odours. Its four-layer protection, including the unique SMELL filter, sets it apart by neutralizing unpleasant odours and creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere. With the Smart App and Smart Sensor & LCD Display, users can conveniently control and monitor the air purifier’s settings, access real-time air quality data, and make necessary adjustments from their smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, the Acerpure Pro P2 operates incredibly quietly, allowing users to enjoy purified air without any distractions.

Acer Acerpure Cool C2 2in1

Acer Acerpure Cool C2 2in1

The Acer Acerpure Cool C2 2in1 is the same concept as the Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan with a fan and air purifier built in. It is less attractive but a £70 cheaper, and unlike Dyson, Acer states that this has a CADR of 307m3h

The Acerpure cool C2 2in1, air purifier and circulator, including 1 HEPA filter which, will retail for £329.99.

The press release states:

The Acerpure Cool C2 2in1 Air Purifier and Circulator takes air purification to the next level by combining powerful air purification with a rotating fan that circulates the purified air. Its 4-in-One HEPA filter effectively captures and removes dust, germs, viruses, allergens, and other harmful particles, ensuring a healthier environment. With the Smart Sensor and LCD Display, users have access to real-time air quality information and can easily adjust settings for optimal air purification. The Smart App feature allows for convenient control and monitoring of the Acerpure Cool C2 2in1 from any smart device. Additionally, the Spiral Air Flow and rotating fan ensure efficient and widespread air circulation, enhancing the overall air quality in the room.

Air Filter Promotion

All HEPA filter air purifiers need to have the filter replaced semi-frequently. For example, the Philips Series 3000i Air Cleaner needs replacement HEPA filers every 4600+ hours, 6 months 24/7 at a cost of £50, which can make running costs quite expensive.

Acer has a promotion for free air filters for a year which are worth £50, which is limited to the first 50 claims.

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