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Do you still count with an aerial or a specialized TV subscription service? If so have you considered why? Television is a key part of our culture, there’s no doubt about that. But television at its core is the content, not the specific channels traditional playout services offer. While we might be used to the classic TV format that we’ve known all of our lives, this doesn’t mean it’s the superior choice.

Now we have access to OTT (Over The Top) services for all of our streaming needs. An OTT is a service provider that grants its user access to all sorts of series and films and without the need to rely on traditional TV providers. They offer all the content we know and love more practically. All we need is an internet connection, a device ready to connect to them and the time to catch up on our favourite shows.

So today we’ll go over some of the main reasons why you should switch to OTT services and change the way you look at media forever.

You get to choose what you watch

When it comes to traditional television, we are at the mercy of what the OTT services choose to broadcast, and when they choose to broadcast it. Does your favourite show air right as you need to pick up your kids? You might be able to record it, but you still need to make sure you keep up with the schedules not to miss a single episode. And if your favourite show has low ratings, it might get pulled off the grid altogether.

With OTT services you can pick what to watch on your terms. Most providers count with a wide selection of shows that can be picked to watch at any given time. This means you can choose when to watch TV, how many episodes you want to indulge on, and even stop midways if something comes up, How practical is that?

They cater to your interests

We all have preferences when it comes to the shows, films or videos we like to watch. And when it comes to traditional TV we have to go out of our way to hunt for it. Certain genres just aren’t as popular, and it’s never good to be felt left out.

However, OTT services have dedicated categories based on genre, topics and even years of production. And some services are completely curated for a single genre. Are you a fan of Asian dramas and don’t see enough on TV? You can simply subscribe to an OTT that focuses on them and make sure you have access to all the content you could imagine. it’s as simple and straightforward as it gets.

It’s incredibly affordable

The best part about OTT services is just how affordable they are. And not only compared to playout services, but they also tend to be very affordable in general. Most subscription-based OTT providers offer their services at a low monthly fee, to the point that a subscription can be cheaper than buying a single movie. And that’s for the services that ask a fee. Some OTT services are completely free and legal, fully supported through ads so you don’t have to spend a single pound. It’s hard to beat “zero” for value, and that’s just what the world of Over The Top services offers.

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