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Mio Moov V780 : HD SatNav

The world of the SatNav has come in leaps and bounds over the past few years and its hard not to know a car owner who hasn’t got one and now with the increase in well “smartness” of smartphones (most now have free GPS Navigation...

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A HUD in your ski goggles!!

Here’s one for my boss as he loves skiing and for all you other powder lovers. Now you can get a set of goggles with a built in HUD or “heads up display” for the non-techs out there. Designed and manufactured by Recon...

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TomTom XL 340 GPS

The XL 340 is the latest 4.3-inch portable navigation system from TomTom, which comes loaded with full maps of North America, Canada and Mexico (no mention of the UK/EU version just yet). It has seven million points of interest...

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Google Phone Wishlist

There has been a lot of speculation of Goolge releasing a mobile phone recently, and it certainly has a lot of people excited. Gizmodo listed some of the features they would like to see on it. Tight integration with Google Apps:...

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Mio unveils the C720t GPS

Mio’s not shy about pumping out the GPS devices, and the company tooks the wraps off its latest model, the C720t, at DigitalLife this week. The 4.3-inch widescreen PND hits all the major bases for $599, with a geotagging 2...

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