Yaber Pro V9 1080P Projector Mighty Gadget Review

I have previously reviewed the affordable Yaber V10 and the excellent Yaber Ace K1 projectors.

They seem to release a lot of projectors with new models having incremental improvements over previous options.

The new Yaber Pro V9 sits at an affordable price point of  £269 and already has a discount taking it down to close to £220. It is a decent, affordable projector, you have a good amount of brightness, and it is easy to set up thanks to the auto focus and auto keystone correction.


OBSBOT Tiny 2OBSBOT Tiny 4KInsta360 Link
Video ResolutionUp to 4K@30fps/ 1080p@60fpsUp to 4K@30fps/ 1080p@60fpsUp to 4K@30fps/ 1080p@60fps
Digital Zoom4x zoom4x zoom4x zoom
CMOS Size1/1.5” CMOS1/2.8” CMOS1/2” CMOS
Focus Type4X Faster Focusing
All-Pixel Auto Focus / Manual Focus
Auto Focus / Manual FocusPDAF/Manual Focus
ISODual Native ISOSingle Native ISOSingle Native ISO
Beauty ModeBeauty ModeBeauty ModeN/A
USB InterfaceUSB 3.0USB 2.0USB 2.0
Auto TrackingAuto Tracking with Auto Zoom by 2-axis GimbalAuto Tracking by 2-axis GimbalAuto Tracking
Voice ControlYesNoN/A
Auto FramingYesNoN/A
Desk ModeYesNoYes
Dynamic Gesture ControlYesGesture ControlYes
Hand TrackingYesNoN/A
Zone TrackingYesNoN/A
Blurred BackgroundYesYesN/A
Sleep ModeSleep Mode 2.0Sleep Mode 2.0N/A
Dedicated Remote ControllerYesYesN/A
DimensionsSize ( without mount )
62.02mm x 47mm x 44mm
Size ( with mount )
63.52mm x 47mm x 44mm
Size ( without mount )
89.4mm x 58mm x 58mm
Size ( with mount )
142mm x 58mm x 58mm
Size ( without mount )
69mm x 41mm x 45mm
Size ( with mount )
69mm x 41mm x 45mm
Weight95.6g / 143g147g/ 176g106g / 106g

Set Up and Features

Yaber Pro V9 1080P Projector Review vs Yaber V10 Ace k1 2

Similar to the Yaber Ace K1, this projector has a screw-based angle adjustment. When I reviewed the Yaber Ace K1, I said that this prop was too short for my room, and I couldn’t get the image to be projected above where my radiator is. I haven’t experienced the same problem with this projector, I think the screw is close to its maximum height, but it is angled enough to get past the radiator.

The Yaber V10 lacks any adjustments, so I had to prop it up myself, which is quite annoying.

Out of the box, this has an automatic focus which seems to work effectively. However, at first, the keystone was wonky, likely due to the angle I was projecting at.

Yaber Pro V9 1080P Projector Review vs Yaber V10 Ace k1 9

The Yaber V10 had a 4-point digital keystone which I found a bit fiddly to use.

The remote has a button for automatic keystone correction, and within the settings, you can enable the automatic keystone correction when the projector is switched on. I am not sure why this is toggled off by default.

Yaber Pro V9 1080P Projector Mighty Gadget Review2

Like the other Yaber projectors, this has limited smart features. You have iOS cast and Miracast, allowing you to cast content to the projector. This may be useful for casting any video you may have recorded yourself or perhaps for work-related activities like presentations. However, the wireless projection does not support HDCP copyright and is therefore not compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney.

I rarely use the built-in functionality of any projector, even the portable projectors that run Android. I instead prefer to use an Amazon Firestick. The USB-A port on the back of this projector can provide enough power to run your Firestick.

This has WiFi 6 for superior connectivity, but because I use a Firestick, I don’t have much use for the wireless functionality this has.

Image Quality and Brightness

Yaber Pro V9 1080P Projector Review vs Yaber V10 Ace k1 13

The Yaber Pro V9 has a native resolution of 1080P and can accept a 4K input. It is then rated at 500 ANSI lumens compared to the 650 ANSI lumens of the Yaber Ace K1. The V10 I previously reviewed didn’t list ANSI lumens and instead stated 8500 lumens which is a less reliable measurement.

As you might expect, the performance sits somewhere in the middle of the Yaber V10 and the Yaber Ace K1.

During the daytime, with my blinds partially closed, the projector produces a watchable image. I probably wouldn’t want to sit down and watch a movie in this way, but I’d say the quality is acceptable if I had friends around to watch football or something like that.

Yaber Pro V9 1080P Projector Review vs Yaber V10 Ace k1 11

With it dark outside but with the lights on dimly in my room, the image quality is surprisingly good, I could quite happily watch TV in the evenings in this scenario.

In a dark room, it is excellent. It seems to be quite a bit better than the Yaber V10. The colours seem less washed out. With a dark room, I’d say the performance doesn’t seem that far off the Ace K1.

Yaber Pro V9 1080P Projector Review vs Yaber V10 Ace k1 14

With this being 1080P and my projected imaging being quite large, when you look closely at the image, it is quite grainy. This will be made worse by projecting onto an off-white wall that isn’t perfectly smooth. When you are sat down behind the projector, it is less noticeable, and watching movies is perfectly enjoyable. It is obviously never going to be as detailed as a 4K OLED TV.

Sound Quality

I wouldn’t recommend using the built-in speakers unless it was for something like a work presentation.

The 2x5W speakers neither sound good nor are they loud enough to drown out the fan noise.

For any form of entertainment, you will want to use some sort of external speaker. You can either use Bluetooth or the 3.5mm AUX out. Both of these will limit you to stereo audio, and Bluetooth will likely introduce latency with lip sync issues. I personally use the 3.5mm jack.

You could, in theory, run this through an AV receiver or soundbar. You’d need an HDMI for the soundbar rather than a single HDMI ARC port.

Fan Noise

At first, the fan noise on this doesn’t seem as loud as the other Yaber projectors I have reviewed. However, I think because of the smaller size, it is likely that the fan is smaller, and the overall sound profile of the fan is quite unpleasant. It is quite high-pitched and inconsistent and is very audible over the built-in speakers. However, if you use dedicated speakers, the noise is easily drowned out.

Price and Alternative Options

The Yaber Pro V9 is listed on Amazon with an RRP of £340. At the time of writing, it is discounted to £286 with a £65 off voucher available, taking it down to £221.

The V10 I reviewed last year is currently £165, and the Ace K1 is around £340.


My experience with almost all of these affordable desktop projectors has been they provide good performance for the price you are paying.

This has been true for the previous two Yaber reviews I have done and is true for the Yaber Pro V9.

Like all tech, the quality has improved with each product launch. In particular, these newer projectors have automatic focus and automatic keystone correction, which makes them much easier to set up quickly.

I’d say this is worth the extra over the Yaber V10. The price difference is not that much, and this is a smaller projector with superior brightness, better keystone correction, a built-in prop and improved overall image quality.

I’d personally get the best option that my budget allows, and I think it is well worth considering the Ace K1 as it is quite a bit brighter and more usable in different lighting scenarios. However, it works out to be roughly 50% more expensive; therefore, it is a bit harder to highly recommend over the Pro V9

Yaber Pro V9 1080P Projector Review Rating
  • Overall - 85%


The Yaber Pro V9 is an excellent option if you are looking for an affordable projector. It is much better than the V10 I have previously reviewed and well worth the small price difference.


  • Good brightness makes this usable in different lighting conditions
  • Automatic keystone correction and focus


  • Annoying fan noise

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