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Today, we observe the transition into the era of interactive television known under the name IPTV. This is explained not only by the advantages of the technology but also by a factor that may seem unobvious at first – in the case of IPTV, it is no longer television that controls the viewer but the viewer controls the television.

Let’s discuss how this happens and how to connect this technology and start to use it.

Why Do We Choose IPTV?

IPTV or Internet protocol television is a digital packet data transfer, mainly video data. It is worth mentioning that this technology is different from Internet TV. The latter is terrestrial online TV distributed over the Internet, which, therefore, requires the presence of this network.

IPTV is not broadcasted over the Internet. Only the Internet data transfer protocol is used for its transmission. The technology does not depend on the global network but on the provider of the service. IPTV can be transmitted over closed networks maintained by a telecommunications company.

Interactivity is what distinguishes IPTV from cable, satellite, analog, and other types of television. That is, in real-time, without contacting the operator, you can manage the service. Moreover, you can participate in voting and polls, turn on karaoke, and even broadcast messages on social media or use a video phone.

Equipment for Connection

IPTV comes to the house via the same cable as the Internet, it can potentially supply an unlimited number of channels, always high picture quality, and a large selection of additional services.

The special software is required to receive IPTV, whose task is to process the received data. Let’s analyze the most common case – connection via TV.

You will need a built-in SMART TV technology and a special set-top box (STB). The latter is not the cheapest device, but, as a rule, providers rent it for a nominal fee, and some even offer a subsequent option to buy. Moreover, you can look for available options on a reliable website like https://infomir.store/ and purchase it by yourself.

Such a tool can be connected to almost any TV. Although when connected via an HDMI cable, the image clarity will be noticeably better. However, in any case, it is STB that will continuously decode the data and display them as video on the TV screen. In addition, this set-top box monitors the processed data, which serves as an operator’s tool for studying viewer preferences and subsequently helping to form new proposals.

The set-top box itself is connected to a router or modem. Usually, when using them, you can connect two or more set-top boxes, which means you can get IPTV on several TVs in the house.

The remote control is attached to the set-top box, with the help of which, both TV content and services are controlled.

To summarize, IPTV is both broadband access and digital television, with real-time feedback and the possibility to access the Internet for the subscriber. Due to the presence of feedback, this TV is called interactive.

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