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It is safe to say the Bluetooth speaker market is saturated, but the Wharfedale Exson M does enough to stand out from the crowd and could be the perfect speaker for next year’s music festivals.

Priced at just £69.00 on Amazon, this is what I would class as affordable being cheaper than both the Anker Soundcore Motion+ and Anker Soundcore Flare Plus which I still use on a regular basis.

Specification and Comparisons

Wharfedale Exson M Bluetooth Speaker Wharfedale Exson M Bluetooth Speaker 47 Reviews

It is similar to both of the Soundcore speaker in terms of speaker spec, the Exson M is rated as 25W using dual 12.5W drivers and two passive radiators. The Flare+ has full-range drivers combined with dual passive bass radiators and tweeters to deliver 25W. The Motion+ has dual 40kHz ultra high-frequency tweeters, neodymium woofers, and passive radiators produce 30W.

They are all around the same size, none of them are pocketable, but you can easily carry them or fit them in a large bag. The Exson M even has a handy carry handle and is the weightiest at 1.51kg, then the Motion+ at 1.1kg and finally the Flare+ at 0.641kg.

All of them have big batteries and can act as a powerbank for your phone. The Exson M has 5000mAh, the Motion+ has 6700 mAh, and I can’t find the rating for the Flare+, but I’d expect it to be lower due to the lighter weight.

Both the Exson M and Motion+ have USB-C which makes them both a bit more convenient to use for modern phones and chargers.

All the speakers are IPX7 rated stating that it withstands spills, rain, and even complete submersion in water.

Apart from price and design, the main area the Wharfedale Exson M differs is the inclusion of a high-power LED flashlight. For home use, this is a little pointless, but I would imagine in any form of camping scenario this will be a big help.


While this is technically rated at the same power output as the Anker Soundcore Flare Plus I have found it to be noticeably louder and able to produce a superior bass. I have the Flare Plus in my kitchen, so I use it regularly, for the past week I have switched over to the Exson M, and I definitely think it produces a superior sound.

With speakers, more often than not, a good rule of thumb is the bigger, the better, so this can comfortably outperform all smaller speakers I have used. It can go quite loud, again louder than the Flare, but also my Sonos 1. Perfect for a festival, though maybe not for a quiet campsite.

I found it is the bass that is impressive with the Exson M, while it can’t produce deep, accurate lows a dedicated sub can, it does outperform all the other all in one speakers I have.

Mids and highs are well represented, it doesn’t suffer from that harshness or distortion you might get at high volumes on affordable speakers.


I had low expectations for this speaker, I saw the relatively low price, the included flashlight and was expecting a low-quality gimmicky speaker (even though Wharfedale has some excellent audio credentials).

However, I was pleasantly surprised, this surpassed my expectations by a considerable margin, and in my opinion, outperforms the more expensive Soundcore counterparts. It is not a huge difference quality-wise, but the fact that this is 30% cheaper than the Soundcore Motion+ is considerable. Plus, if you like camping, you get the flashlight too.

Overall, I can’t think of anything to criticise about this speaker, for the price this is a superb speaker. 

Wharfedale Exson M Score


Wharfedale Exson M Bluetooth Speaker Wharfedale Exson M Bluetooth Speaker 47 Reviews
  • Overall - 92%

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