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[Update] Ugreen has now officially launched the Nexode RG in the UK. I have updated the article with links and pricing.

Ugreen has been churning out a lot of great products recently, including Thunderbolt docking stations, USB-C hubs and chargers.  

The Nexode RG is something a little more quirky and fun. It is a simple 65W GaN charger, something which Ugreen are well known for, but then in a cute robot design.

The charger itself is quite small, so this is a perfect travel companion that takes up minimal space in your bag.


The key specifications of the Nexode RG are:

  • Output power: 65W
  • Input voltage: 100V – 240V
  • USB-C ports: 2
  • USB-A ports: 1
  • Dimensions: 69 x 69 x 28mm
  • Weight: 168g

It uses gallium nitride (GaN) technology, which allows for fast charging in a compact design. GaN helps improve power efficiency and heat dissipation compared to traditional silicon chargers.

With a  65W output, the Nexode RG can charge most lightweight laptops at full speed such as the MacBook Pro (13-inch) or in my case the Huawei Matebook 14.

It’s compatible with a wide range of devices thanks to USB Power Delivery 3.0 and PPS support.


Ugreen Nexode RG Review 1

The Nexode RG features an interesting design that stands out from traditional charger bricks. It has a robot-like look with a “face” consisting of two USB-C eye ports and a USB-A mouth.

There are also etched patterns on the surface that add to the robotic aesthetic. It looks like something from a Pixar animation.

Despite the unusual design, the build quality feels premium thanks to the aluminium alloy body. The charger feels sturdy and well put together.

It’s also compact considering the 65W power output, measuring just 69 x 69 x 28mm. So it won’t take up too much room in your bag.

Ugreen Nexode RG Review 2


The Nexode RG includes two USB-C ports and one USB-A port.

The port configuration is:

  • USB-C A: 65W
  • USB-C B: 30W
  • USB A: 22.5W

With both USB-C ports in use, you get 45W/20W

With the USB-C A and USB, you get 45W/18W

With USB-C and USB, you get 7.5W/7.5W

Finally, with all three ports you get 45W/7.5W/7.5W

Performance – Checking charge speed and output wattage

Nexode RG

To test performance, I checked the charge speed and power output across different devices. This included a Samsung S24 Ultra phone, Honor Magic6 Pro, and Huawei Matebook 14. I also used it to charge the Anker 737 Power Bank, as this provides power input information.

With the power bank, each port reported the correct power per port. I then added devices to the other ports and swapped around the power bank, confirming how the power is distributed with multiple ports in use.

In all cases, the Nexode RG provided the quoted power to fast-charge devices, living up to its 65W rating. Heat dissipation was also good, thanks to the GaN tech inside.

Price and Alternative Options

The Ugreen Nexode RG is now available in the UK at Ugreen and Amazon.

It is currently listed with an RRP of £45, but with 20% off available, taking it down to £36, which makes the price compatible with other 65W GaN chargers.

The Ugreen Nexode RG is available in the US via for $49.99.

There is also a 30W model for just $18.19, which is smaller and has just a single USB-C port.

In the UK, it should be available soon.

GravaStar has an Alpha 65W GaN Fast Charger, which is also a robot design but has a less cute robotic design that appears less practical for travelling. This is priced quite highly at £65 in the UK or $50 if you buy directly from GravaStar(with options for US or UK/EU plugs).

There is also the SHARGE 67W USB-C Charger, which is a 67W charger with three USB-C ports and an attractive retro computer design. This is priced at around £54.

If you are less concerned about appearance, then the Ugreen Nexode 65W costs $45 /  £32, and the Nexode Pro 65W costs $58 / £42.


The Ugreen Nexode RG delivers on being a fast and versatile 65W charger to power phones, tablets, and laptops.

I love the unique robot-inspired design, premium feel, and use of GaN technology, which allows for fast charging in a compact footprint.

There doesn’t appear to be a significant price premium for this charger in comparison to the existing Ugreen Nexode 65W chargers so I think it is a good buy and an easy recommendation. It would make a good gift in comparison so the generic looking chargers.

Ugreen Nexode RG 65W Charger Review


The Ugreen Nexode RG delivers on being a fast and versatile 65W charger to power phones, tablets, and laptops. The attractive robot design is compact, making this ideal for travelling, and there is not too much of a price premium in comparison to normal-looking chargers.

  • Overall - 90%

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