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The Hi10 series of 10.1-inch tablet computer, which is owned by Chuwi, has been popular among consumers in the market. Now, Hi10 XR is coming with the latest update. It features Gemini Lake Refresh N4120 processor with powerful performance. And 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM, dual-Type-C interfaces, 10.1-inch touch IPS screen can bring you completely new use experience. Hi10 XR is going to release soon. Which is the world’s first powered by N1420 10.1-inch tablet.

Completely new processor, 10-inch H10 XR

The processor updates as Intel Gemini Lake Refresh N4120. N4120 adopts Designed with 4 cores and 4 threads, the core frequency is upgraded to 2.6ghz with more powerful performance. The built-in UHD 600 graphics card enables smooth hard decoding of 4K video. This brand new processor can be used for office and entertainment under a variety of scenarios.

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At the same time, Hi10 XR equipped with N4120 also has excellent performance and significant improvement compared with the previous generation models Hi10 X and Hi10 Air.

The N4120 multicore performance is 125% of that of the N4100 (Hi10 X)

The N4120 single-core performance is 165% of that of the Z8350 (Hi10 Air)

Chuwi H10 XR

2-in-1 form, perfect for entertainment and office

The Hi10 XR has a full 10.1-inch IPS screen, with a resolution of up to 1920*1200, and a delicate and realistic display effect. It can be used as an entertainment tablet for 4K video entertainment.

At the same time Hi10 XR also supports external keyboard, become a thin 2-in-1 notebook, running Windows 10 operating system, can conduct efficient document office.

As the first 10.1-inch tablet with the N4120 processor, the Hi10 XR is expected to have improved performance and practicality.With its excellent screen, comprehensive performance, and 2-in-1 configuration, it performs well in both entertainment and light office space, making it one of the best choices for a 10.1-inch tablet.

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