Motorola One Fusion+ vs Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6 – Motorola launches a surprisingly good phone

Motorola has focussed on the affordable segment of the market a lot in recent year, but with the growth of Xiaomi and Realme, they have become increasingly irrelevant, not offering a great deal of value for money. It is not so much hey are bad phones, it’s just that other options offer better bang for … Read more

Motorola Edge+ vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Compared – Which is the best 108MP camera phone? And why the hell is only one of them available in the UK?

Motorola hasn’t made a true flagship for a few years, and things have looked a little bleak for the company with just a 3% global smartphone share in Q1, 2019. Their mid-range phones have always been popular recommendations, the use of Android one has allowed them to stand out from other affordable brands.  Then the … Read more

Motorola moto g8 launched – A cut-down & more affordable moto g8 power

The moto g8 launched last month being an attractive well-specced phone with a massive 5000mAh battery. Now Motorola is following this up with a more affordable option normally we would see the company use a less powerful chipset in the cheaper models, but in this case, Motorola has kept the Snapdragon 665. Physically there is … Read more

£1,200 Motorola RAZR vs £279 Oppo Reno vs RAZR V3 – Nostalgia & a foldable OLED cost you an extra grand.

The hotly anticipated Motorola RAZR has finally been revealed to the public bringing back the iconic RAZR design but using a foldable AMOLED which gives you a full 6.18-inch display running at 876 x 2142 pixels. Could this be the future of foldable phones or is it an expensive gimmick? While the $1500/£1200 price tag … Read more

Motorola Announce Moto Z and Z Force Flagship Modular Android Smartphones

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Googles Project Ara seems to have inspired smartphone manufacturers to implement modular design in to their phones. The LG G5 was released a few months with some basic modular features, though reviews have been underwhelming. Now Motorola is getting into the game with the announcement of the Moto Z and … Read more

CES : Another Android 3.0 Tablet–Motorola XOOM

Well as we all know Tablet PCs are the in-thing. We tell you enough about them here on MightyGadget but that’s just because everyone else seems to want a part of them. If you want to blame someone blame Apple for the iPad, simple. The next one in line is the Motorola Xoom another Android … Read more

Motorola Olympus

Androidandme the blog for all things Android based has revealed some exciting news on a future Motorola device, the Olympus. With Motorola seeming to be behind the big mobile makers in terms of great phones, after it’s comeback with the Milestone, what’s next for Motorola.   Firstly the Motorola Olympus has had some spec leakage. … Read more

Motorola Droid(Milestone) X : US release 15th July

The Motorola Droid or Milestone as us Brits know it by had quite a good success in this country, but was even more successful in the States. Well the US phone company has now announced the first Milestone family follow up will be due July 15th in the US, in time to rival the now … Read more

Motorola Backflip heading our way

“Given the exceptional response to DEXT and Milestone to date, we look forward to adding Backflip to our smartphone range in EMEA…We will be making further announcements on availability and pricing of Backflip in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia beginning in Q1 2010,”   The above is a quote from Motorola about the … Read more