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HP Envy X2 Review – Full Review of the laptop and Windows 10 on Arm Score 79%

HP Envy X2 Review – Full Review of the laptop and Windows 10 on Arm

**Update 20th October 2018** After leaving this in its box for a couple of months I have returned to it, updated Windows and now both Google and Spotify run fine** Following on from my initial impressions I have spent some more time with the HP Envy X2 allowing me to see if ARM-based laptops are ready for the mainstream yet. If you missed my initial impressions and don’t fancy going back to read it, then the HP Envy X2 is one of the first devices on the market to use the Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform as its processor...

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HP Spectre Folio is a beautiful leather clad always-on, always-connected PC

Hp has just announced the HP Spectre Folio which is possibly the best-looking laptop ever made. This folio style laptop is similar in design to the HP Envy X2 which I previously reviewed and loved the design of. However, unlike the X2 with its blue artificial leather cover, the Spectre goes all out and uses a from 100 percent chromed tan, full-grain leather to give a huge aesthetic appeal. The press images look spectacular (as far as a laptop can be) and it comes with an impressive specification to complement its looks. This is not designed to be a powerhouse, but something...

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HP Envy X2 Review: Initial impressions of Windows 10 on Arm

I was recently invited to London to attend an event with Qualcomm about the new range of laptops that use their Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform running Windows 10. Windows 10 on Arm is one of the more exciting developments in the laptop industry right now as it aims to alleviate many of the issues users face with laptops, primarily battery life, connectivity and portability. ARM-based processors are typically what we find in mobile phones, with the Snapdragon 835 being last years flagship chip. The chip found in these new laptops is called Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform but...

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Dell XPS 13 Review – Rose Gold – Model 9370 with i7-8550U Score 89%

Dell XPS 13 Review – Rose Gold – Model 9370 with i7-8550U

I have previously reviewed the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, and you would think the two XPS laptops are the same apart from the convertible nature. However, there is a reasonably significant difference with the processor. The 2-in-1 version uses the ultra-low voltage chips while the standard model uses the more powerful U-class of mobile chips which has a higher base clock and boost. This model of the XPS range has also been upgraded to the 8th generation of Intel chips, and the model I have been sent to review uses the i7-8550U. Specification   8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8550U...

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HP update OMEN 15 laptop with Nvidia Max-Q GTX 1070 & 144hz 1080p G-SYNC plus launch new Sequence optical-mechanical keyboard

We have already seen several of the major laptop brands such as Dell and Acer release this year's gaming models with the updated Nvidia Max-Q GTX 1070 designs plus the impressive 8th-gen I9 CPUs. Not to be left behind, HP have updated their beast of a gaming laptop, the Omen 15. It is smaller than last years model by  7.4% in width and 4.6% smaller in depth though at 5.56 pounds or 2.52kg it is a bit weightier than the XPS 15 by about 0.7kg. As usual with gaming laptops, you get plenty of specification options and the Omen 15 will include:...

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CES 2015: HP announce new 3D, curved, 4k, and 5k monitors

It is the start of the year and the start of CES 2015, so we will have lots of new announcements for you over the next few days. First up is HP's introduction of several new monitors. The first is the Zvr Virtual Reality Display pictured above is a 23.6-inch, full HD monitor, with a three-dimensional display that requires passive 3D glasses. A stylus will allow you to move, rotate and otherwise manipulate onscreen objects, and 4 cameras mounted to the top of the unit track your head motions, and can detect what you're looking at. The primary target...

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Shake Up at HP

American computer giant Hewlett-Packard announced today that Stephen DeWitt will be taking over from Jon Rubinstein as Senior Vice President and general manager of its web OS Global Business Unit, with responsibility for all aspects of web OS. Rubinstein was named as a senior vice president for product innovation for all products within the Personal Systems Group. While the press release waxed eloquently about this move being the next step forward after the successful launch of web OS 3.0, and as Tom Bradley, executive vice president of the HP Personal Systems Group (PSG) and both men’s immediate boss put it; “(HP is) drawing on our deep executive bench to position the right leaders in the right roles to accelerate the long-term growth of web OS.” However, to continue the athletic metaphor, do you sack the coach in the middle of the game if you are happy with the performance? While the HP Veer smartphone has been a moderate success across the board, the American launch of the HP Touchpad has been beset with lukewarm reviews and poor sales. On its face, the move can be seen as nothing more than Rubinstein being eased out of the day to day management of web OS in favor of Mr. DeWitt, who, according to HP; “dramatically improved PSG’s profitability and share position in the America’s region since his arrival to HP in...

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HP Veer : New Palm/webOS phone

After HP took over the Palm brand of mobile phones in it’s attempt to get into the smartphone market we’ve been waiting to see what will come out of the PC giants stable. Well first we’ve got the HP Veer. A small smartphone more than capable of delivering the goods that a large smartphone could do much like the Xperia X10 Mini. Obviously HP are opting to drop the Palm branding opting to just go to with HP but still keeping that Palm styling.   So what have we got : 2.57” screen 800MHz Qualcomm processor (Fast multitasking) 54.5 x 84 x 15.1mm ultra slim/small smartphone Slide-Out keyboard webOS 2.2 Flash 10.1 support Wi-Fi 8GB storage 5MP camera Bluetooth 2.1 Couple all these specs with the updated operating system and you can look at all your texts, MMS and instant messages for one contact onto one page. There’s also HP Synergy which allows the user to sign in once yet read all your Yahoo mail, Facebook messages, Linkedln messages and Exchange mail. There’s also mobile hotspot support.   No release or price details are around...

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Slates galore : I’m not talking about roofing

Tablets are the latest craze and it’s certainly showing. Like the iPod spanned a million rival mp3 players (even though they already existed) the iPad has put the tablet PC to everyone’s attention and thus everyone wants a part of the market despite the fact they were already around, just that nobody cared till Steve Jobs’ boys released one. Anyway enough ranting there got two new “slates” for you here at opposite ends of the spectrum. One a low end budget tablet much like the Disgo and the “Next” one we spoke about last month and the other a more expensive affair from the boys at HP. The first is the Elonex eTouch. Announced yesterday by Toys R Us that they would stock this super cheap Android OS 2.1 powered tablet PC. Housing a 1GHz ARM 11 processor and a 2GB SSD as internal mameory which can be expanded with microSD support. Available in 7” and 10” they also have miniUSB, USB 2.0 and a 3.5mm jack for connectivity. Price wise your looking at £89.99 for the 7” and £149.99 for the 10”. The second, the HP 500 isn’t really looking at cornering the iPad market of the casual user but more of the business type. Powered by an Intel Atom processor this slate actually runs Windows 7 so rather than simple app use you can use any Windows...

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