Nvidia receives back 300,000 GPUs after overestimating crypto mining & gamer demand causing delays to GTX 2080/1180

PC users have had a frustrating couple of years with rising RAM and GPU prices. The DDR4 RAM issue could be due to price fixing and/or an issue with supply and demand with so many modern PCs and phones switching to DDR4. With the GPU market, everyone has blamed the surge of crypto-currency mining but … Read more

DRAM / DDR4 Ram makers could be fined Billions in antitrust fines for price fixing

I have posted numerous times about the rising prices of DDR4, the cause being attributed to the massive increase in demand from the switch to DDR4 for desktops and laptops but and LP-DDR4 found in mobiles.  That hasn’t stopped many people on Reddit claiming that the big manufacturers are price fixes. It turns out that the Reddit users … Read more

DRAM demand slowdowns are potentially lowering DDR4 prices & GPU prices.

The demand for DRAM declined in April, creating an oversupply in the market in Japan and elsewhere. It is possible if this trend continues along with new production that we have previously reported on, we may actually see a drop in DDR4 prices this year. DRAM demand comes primarily from the smartphone market, data centres … Read more

First DDR4 price hikes, then GPU, now NAND / flash memory due to Samsung power outage

The AMD Ryzen launch last year did a great job at lowering CPU and motherboard prices for PC gaming enthusiast, but unfortunately, this was tarred with a 200% surge in the pricing of DDR4 over 2 years. Over the past year, we have seen GPU prices inflate thanks to cryptocurrency miners, with them buying $776M … Read more

GPU & DDR4 Prices could rise even further due to 20% silicon price hike

PC enthusiasts are having a hard time. Lately, crypto-mining has surged GPU prices and created shortages, and DDR4 has been skyrocketing in price for over a year now. I have previously posted that there is a chance DDR4 may start to see a dip in prices this year, but recent news could negatively affect this … Read more

DDR4 Prices to be Investigated Following Price Surges

As we have previously blogged about the price of DDR4 increased by over 200% in many cases during 2018. The official reason for the massive spike in prices is due to the exponential growth in demand for DDR4. All modern PCs shifted to it following the launch of Intel Skylake back in 2015(technically Skylake worked … Read more

DRAM supply to increase by 22.5% in 2018 – Possible reduction in DDR4 prices?

**Update The Chinese NDRC are actively keeping an eye on this DDR4 price surge to make sure no price fixing is happening ** If like me, you have had your heart set on a PC upgrade this year, you will no doubt be extremely frustrated at the price of DDR4. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2×8 GB) … Read more

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