Helium HNT Profits After Halving: HNT hits all-time high at $25 but is mining with a Helium Hotspot still profitable?

It has been a rough few months for crypto. I like, like many others, invested money into cryptocurrency towards its peak and didn’t sell prior to the crash, wiping out thousands of my portfolio value. I assumed it would be similar to crypto crashes in the past, and it was going to be a case … Read more

Shibaswap Goes Live – How to buy BONE token and provide liquidity for greater cryptocurrency returns

The Shiba Inu coin could have been the swan song in the recent cryptocurrency cycle with many amateur investors burnt after buying in too late. Interest in crypto has certainly died down, but it represents a good time to buy for anyone looking to get into crypto. ShibaSwap is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange that specifically … Read more

Shiba vs Doge – Shiba Inu cryptocurrency beats the market with 8-fold growth in 7 days putting Dogecoin to shame

Update – it is now peaking at around $0.00003 – A 76% growth since I posted this article The world of investing and cryptocurrency have gone insane this year. After having success with mining Helium, I have become increasingly obsessed with new projects to be part of. With so many altcoins on the market, it … Read more

Helium HNT Miner Shipping Update: Nebra hotspots being shipped soon – Rak by the end of April

While I was originally a little sceptical of the Helium Hotspot, I became a convert. It has turned out to be a profitable project, and I like that Helium is a useful project with long term prospects, unlike the trend of meme coins in the cryptocurrency market. Like many others, it has been frustrating waiting … Read more

Helium HNT hits highs of $7.76 / £5.57, making it a guilt-free investment vs Bitcoin & Ethereum

Sometimes you get things wrong. This was the case with my review of the Helium Network. When I first reviewed it, I was a little sceptical; a new crypto mining low powered WiFI network using lots of buzz words seemed a little sketchy when I first heard about it. I was wrong; we live and … Read more

Taxation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the UK

The Bitcoin bubble may have burst temporarily, but the sharp rise of its value in 2017, and the dramatic decline of 2018 brought it to the public’s attention with many people with little investment knowledge putting their savings into the cryptocurrency. However, when it comes to investing you should always be aware of your tax … Read more

HTC Is Making a Blockchain Phone


Most people know of the blockchain as the ledger that records cryptocurrency transactions. With the help of gadget manufacturer HTC, the world may soon associate the blockchain with smartphones, too. The brand recently announced its intentions to make a blockchain-enabled phone. If successful, it could change how people use their phones and access the associated … Read more

Monetise your site with PURK cryptocurrency micropayments

We all hate adverts on websites, but in order for it to remain profitable it is a necessary evil for everyone including myself, and that’s why I sadly use Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliates. There is various alternative such as paywalls, which everyone loathes, or many sites now have an optional donation option. Purk is … Read more

GPU & DDR4 Prices could rise even further due to 20% silicon price hike

PC enthusiasts are having a hard time. Lately, crypto-mining has surged GPU prices and created shortages, and DDR4 has been skyrocketing in price for over a year now. I have previously posted that there is a chance DDR4 may start to see a dip in prices this year, but recent news could negatively affect this … Read more

$530 million stolen in from Coincheck another Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency blow

A Japanese exchange has lost 58 billion yen ($530 million) in cryptocurrency because of hacking, according to Japanese media reports. The Coincheck exchange said on its website Friday that it had halted sales and withdrawals of the currency, which is called NEM. It later added that it had restricted dealings in most other cryptocurrencies too. … Read more