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MSI Dual Screen Notebook

Obviously CES this year shows all the goodies that are coming soon, but we cant comment on them all just the more interesting ones. One that has caught my attention in particular and hopefull will yours two is this fantastic...

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6 New Lumix Cameras : CES

Now I’m a big fan of the Panasonic Lumix range(owning a TZ-65) so i’m always excited to see what cameras Panasonic are putting out. Now we will have the DMC-FS10 and FS11, the DMC-FS30 and FS33 and also the DMC-FP1 and FP3....

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Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus : Coming Soon

Palm has announced at CES this weekend gone that it is upgrading it’s Pre/Pixi range of smartphones (by adding a “Plus” at the end). Although the Palm Pre seemed to have come out in America a lifetime ago, it has only just...

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