Mu6 Ring Open-Ear Wireless Headphones Review – A good alternative to bone-conducting Aftershokz for running, less so for cycling.

I was impressed with the Mu6 Space2 when I reviewed them, they are still some of the best performing ANC headphones I have used. Mu6 are now back with something a little different. Air conduction headphones. These open fit headphones offer an alternative solution to the popular bone-conducting headphones from Aftershokz, and they are quite … Read more

Bose Frames Review

Announced last year in the form of Bose AR, the Bose Frames were a pair of sunglasses that were supposed to offer augmented reality functionality via audio. Between then and the release date they were released as Bose Frames and no AR functionality has been launched. This, therefore, leaves these as a pair of sunglasses … Read more