Sabrent EC SNVE NVMe enclosure

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This is a quick review of the Sabrent tool free USB 3.2 M.2 enclosure for either NVME or SATA drives.

I am currently in the process of reviewing the Kingston FURY Renegade NVMe and have removed the Goodram 1TB IRDM M.2 NVMe, which I used for general storage.

The Goodram IRDM is a decent PCIe 3.0 drive capable of 3200 MB/s read speeds, and 3000 MB/s write. I figured I might as well make use of the drive, and having some ultra-fast external storage is always handy.

Sabrent EC-SNVE Overview

  • 100% Tool-free, quickly install and remove SSDs without any tools.
  • Ultra-slim aluminium case with ABS frame. Sleek, durable, and convenient. 
  • M.2 form factor compatible with both SATA and NVME in sizes: 2242/2260/2280.
  • USB 3.2 supports data transmission speeds of up to 10Gbps for steady and efficient data transfer.
  • UASP and TRIM support.

USB 3.2 Type-C Bottleneck vs NVME

USB 3.2 supports data transmission speeds of up to 10Gbps, which equates to about 1.25GB/s, which is well under the performance you will get from most NVMe drives which are typically 3500 MB/s for read and write.

Design / Installation

The enclosure has been sitting on my shelf for a few weeks as the Kingston drive was delayed. I had totally forgotten this was a tool-free design.

Installing the NVMe couldn’t be any easier, it is literally tool free. At the end of the enclosure is a little button that unlocks the housing. You then slot the NVMe drive in just like you would on your motherboard. Unlike your motherboard, you don’t need one of those annoying little screws to lock it in place; there is a small plastic piece that clips it into place.

Don’t forget the thermal pad

When I initially used this, I quickly installed the drive, didn’t pay much attention, and then benchmarked it within CrystalDisk.

The results were good for an external drive in general but a bit below the results I’d expect for this drive and enclosure. It turns out that there is a thermal pad in the enclosure, and it needs the protective strip peeling off. With this removed, it performed as expected.


DiskMark64 O50fIciPZj
Original results for the IRDM NVMe in my computer

My original benchmarks of the IRDM NVMe confirmed that it performed about the same as the specification states.

Thermal pad not properly applied

My initial benchmark of the drive inside the enclosure revealed results that were about 10-20% below what I had expected. Well below the 10Gbps limitation of USB 3.2.

Interestingly, these results almost matched the performance I saw from the USB 4 Orico Montage MTQ-40G, when used with USB 3.2.

Sabrant with thermal pad

With the thermal pad in use, those results improved quite a lot. Still a bit below the theoretical 1.25GB/s limitation of USB 3.2, but I assume there are some overheads that reduce performance a little. With the thermal pad in place, the performance was higher than the Orico Montage MTQ-40G I previously reviewed.

Price and Alternative Options

I paid £24 for the Sabrent EC-SNVE, but it is currently on sale for £30. I think this is a reasonable price, and I can vouch that it works as expected.

There are cheaper options on the market, all doing basically the same thing, tool-free USB 3.2 enclosures.

The ORICO CPM2G2-BK is a fiver cheaper, and this includes a cable with a built-in USB-A adaptor, which could be useful.

If you don’t mind a lesser-known name, there is the SSK Aluminum enclosure for just £17.

No products found.

You could buy a complete solution. There is the Crucial X8 which is £83 for 1TB or £142 for £2TB. That’s not much more than buying the NVMe and enclosure separately (the WD_BLUE SN570 1TB is just £56).

There are also USB 4/USB3.2 Gen3x2 (40Gbps) )or USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20Gbps) options on the market, but these all have a higher price point, and only a few motherboards/laptops will benefit from them.


The Sabrent EC-SNVE NVMe enclosure ticked all the boxes of what I need and what they advertise. It is affordable, easy to use and works as expected. It is a great way to add some ultra-fast external storage and will be particularly useful for me when travelling, allowing me to have additional storage for my laptop.

Sabrent EC-SNVE USB Type-C Tool Free M.2 PCIe NVMe Enclosure Review Rating


The Sabrent EC-SNVE NVMe enclosure ticked all the boxes of what I need and what they advertise. It is affordable, easy to use and works as expected.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Easy to install
  • Performs as expected


  • Current price is a bit higher than competition

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