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During the Huawei P30 launch Huawei CEO Richard Yu revealed the Mate 30 is likely to have 5G, and signaled that the latter part of 2019 is very much going to be 5G-driven for Huawei .

Along with the statement that they are “considering to put 5G on the next Mate series”, Richard also confirmed why the P30 series did not launch with a 5G variant.

The [5G] network is not ready, it is in construction,” he said. “I think [5G will be ready] this fall. Ready for the Mate series.

I understand some people are waiting for the 5G network, but most will not wait. The 4G they already have is good enough, so they can choose the best camera phone now,

Apart from the above statements, one possible reason is that Huawei don’t want to diminish the impact of the 5G Mate X launch.

Kirin 985 Chipset 

Moving on to less credible rumours, there have been several going around regarding the new chipset in development by Huawei. Many people are claiming it will be the Kirin 985 which would be a deviation from the norm, as the expected name would be Kirin 990. It isnt out of the question for it to be named 985, going back to 2015 the Kirin 950 came out with the 955 a year later.

However, curious people at XDA-Developers have done some digging into the kernel source code of the Kirin 980, and they’ve found that the source code mentions the Kirin 985 in it.

It is believed the new chipset will be the first to be built on TSMC’s 7+nm manufacturing process with EUV lithography. The EUV lithography is said to increase the transistor density by up to 20%, which in return, can offer higher clock speeds, and power-efficiency improvements.

With the launch of 5G there is a good chance that the new chipset will feature a 5G modem built in rather than having to rely on the Balong 5000 modem.

Assuming Huawei stick to their release cycles then the new Kirin chipset, whatever its name, should launch at IFA 2019, and then the Mate 30 Pro will launch the following month.

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