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With the growth of streaming and working from home, demand for decent quality microphones has boomed in the past year.

I have reviewed a few good microphones in the past year, and the new Roccat Torch is the most affordable of them all.

Specification / Features

  • Sample/Bit Rate: 48kHz,
  • 24-bit with optional selection for 44.1kHz
  • Capsules: 2 × ROCCAT Proprietary ∅14 × 6.5mm condenser capsules
  • Pickup Patterns: Cardioid, Stereo, Whisper (ROCCAT Proprietary)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Max SPL: 110dB
  • Zero-latency 3.5mm, 4-Pole headphone socket


Roccat Torch USB Microphone Review3

The Roccat Torch has a bit of an unusual physical set-up. There are three USB-C ports, one goes to your computer, but then you connect the base with the microphone with a second short cable.

It may seem like a bizarre design decision, and it probably is, but there is some logic here. The microphone itself is detachable, allowing you to mount it on a boom arm, but the base has all the controls for pickup pattern, gain and volume. If you mount the microphone on an arm, there is a third extra-long USB-C cable in the packaging.

The mic works perfectly fine without any additional software, but you can optionally install Roccat Neon for some additional control over the RGB, but this seems relatively pointless.

In Use

Roccat Torch USB Microphone Review5

This is a condenser microphone with 3 separate pickup patterns, one being Whisper, which is proprietary for Roccat. The other two are your standard stereo and cardioid. Most people, like myself, will stick with cardioid.

Whisper is designed to pick up your voice with volume and clarity, even if you are whispering. Stereotypical gamers who have a proclivity of gaming through the night will likely appreciate this feature.   

The LED changes based on the pickup pattern, it is not too bright or gaudy but will appeal to anyone with an RGB case/peripherals.

The design decisions give somewhat of a clunky set-up with a wire running to the base then to the mic, but it provides superior functionality compared to mics with all the controls on the device. However, I would have liked to have the mute on the base too, however this is hands-free, so you don’t have to reach right across to your mic.

Sound quality is good, which is the most important thing needed from a microphone. My voice is clear without the microphone picking up too much ambient noise. It doesn’t really have the smooth warmth I got from the much more expensive 512 Audio XLR microphone, nor would I say it is quite as good as the EPOS B20, which again costs a lot more. However, I would say it offers comparable performance to my old Blue Yeti Nano, which has served me well the past few years.

One missing feature is the ability to monitor your own voice, but it is not a huge issue at this price point.

Price and Alternative Options

The Roccat Torch has a retail price of £89.99, it has been as low as £83 recently and I would expect similar if not lower prices over Black Friday/Christmas.

The Blue Yeti Nano has an RRP of £99.99 but is available for £79.99

The Razer Seiren Emote has an RRP of £169.99 but is currently for £79.99, or the Elite for £89.99


The Roccat Torch is a good microphone with sensible pricing. While I am sure it was designed specifically for gamers in mind, with the recent events in the past year, microphones like this have quickly gained mainstream appeal. This works perfectly well for both streaming and zoom calls and is a significant upgrade compared to most webcams or the cheap microphones on headsets.

It isn’t as attractive as competing options, and there is no useful companion software, but its design is arguably more functional than most others, and I never felt much need for any software to make the most of this mic.

Roccat Torch USB Microphone Review Rating


The Roccat Torch is a good microphone with sensible pricing. Its functional design allows easy control of volume levels while streaming and its overall performance is comparable to other big brand names at a similar price point.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Functional design
  • Good performance for the price


  • Clunky design
  • App is of little use

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