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GoPro and compact action cameras are as good as synonyms by now, and the followers of this cult never seem to have enough! From extreme athletes to adventure seekers, GoPro cams have become indispensable and so has the possibility of making the most out of them. Aficionados of photography have shown how the best way to capture high-quality photos and videos on a GoPro camera is by mounting it on a drone. Top of the line, these action cameras can be suitably mounted on drones for capturing crystal-clear images and videos that are superior to any onboard camera.

It is, however, the question of compatible and budget friendly drones that need to be addressed. You can check this Today Best Drone article for insights on GoPro drones for better picks. In the backdrop of numerous options in the market, we have compiled a comprehensive list of well-matched GoPro drones that go light on the pocket yet permit the capture of breathtaking images in no time.



This reasonably priced drone is a perfect fit for a GoPro cam and is also reasonably priced. In case the GoPro stops working for some reason, there is an onboard HD, 8 MP camera that works just fine. The same connectors work smoothly with the GoPro too. One interesting feature that comes with this drone is a unique gyro stabilization system that affords first-rate steady images along its 6-axis besides an enhanced unwavering flying capability. With a 360-degree rotation element, it offers a spectacular panoramic shot. For supervision and recording purposes, this drone is equipped with a hovering mode too. The only drawback that comes with the low-price is limited flight duration of just 12 minutes and a narrow range of just 100 meters.


best drone for gopro 2018

This is one of the most affordable models available currently featuring a headless mode. For night flying, this budget drone comes with LED lights that assist in pointing it out even in the dark. It also comes integrated with a single key return aspect to recall the drone back to base in no time and solitary key 3D rolls. With a spider-like model and a sturdy cradle head that is resistant to shock, it can make hard landings. If extended flight time and a range is not the criteria, at the price that it comes, it has to offer a lot – many attractive features that are usually seen only in the expensive ones.


The mounting feature of this particular drone is as good as that of any high-quality drone. The reliability it offers in terms of a secure grip over the GoPro camera is unmatched, and it eliminates any likelihood of losing an expensive cam during flight. Speeds of this drone are also impressive, and it allows users to execute flybys for aerial video captures. The drone also has an extended flight time of 25 minutes as well as an extensive range of 500 meters without any noticeable communication lag.


3dr171 1

This smart looking piece of technology with a classy exterior lets users employ it for a variety of airborne activities. Presenting itself as an uncomplicated drone for the user, it weighs just 400 grams. Apart from the addition of props and charging the battery, there is practically nothing more to be done. Flight time varies from 16 to 22 minutes while the range is impressive at approximately 800 meters.


As the name itself indicates, this drone from Garlus is waterproof. It only adds to the waterproof feature that comes already with the GoPros. This amphibious drone comes with a dedicated controller installed along with a smartphone app that handles the controls of the drone pretty well. Although it won’t work when completely submerged, it is a welcome feature.



Paired efficiently with the Zenmuse H4-3D is an awesome package that once calibrated, offers perfectly steady image capture. Flight time is limited to 25 minutes, but the range is remarkable at 1 kilometer. Color-coded strips enable easy identification of the front and rear ends. The build quality is also superior that can quickly do hard landings.


More of a hexacopter, this drone is meant for hardcore users. A high-resolution onboard camera also comes along with it. It can communicate across twelve channels, and readings are displayed on a 5-inch screen. Having a range of 500 meters and a flight time of 25 minutes, this drone has a lot to offer.


For those on the lookout for a low-priced drone with specific features to mount GoPro cameras, there are a lot of ways to know. While paying a visit to the nearby store is recommended, it is also advisable to read reviews of various products to understand more.

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