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This is a budget friendly cleaning robot that is widely available through various retailers and that does an excellent job of cleaning your home automatically.

Too many cleaning robots are overstuffed with features that are a waste of money and don’t add any real value. The Roborock is a pared down option with actually helpful features that will clean effectively. It’s a very modern and sophisticated cleaner that also manages to be easy on your budget. 


Amazon has this robot for $339 at the time of this writing, which is a markdown of about $110, if you use the recommended coupon. In other words, you may not always find the Roborock for that price through this retailer. 

Walmart sells the same version of the cleaner for $300 without any special promotion. You’ll have to contend with the different shipping and pickup practices of Walmart (compared to Amazon) for that price, though. 

You can find used and refurbished versions of the same cleaning robot for even cheaper. This is now a discontinued product, so the supply of new ones will run out eventually. It’s still easy enough to find and will likely only get cheaper as it becomes overshadowed by newer models. 

How Roborock S4 Max Stands Out

Roborock S4

What we like about this particular Roborock model is that it maps quickly. It can learn the layout of your home faster than most cleaning robots, so you are not as likely to feel frustrated with how it cleans and the way it moves through your home. It’s not very likely to get stuck on furniture or require any kind of manual intervention to do its job. 

With other cleaning robots that don’t learn as quickly or that lack its efficiency, there is a tendency for the homeowner to clean after them, getting what they missed. You may even feel compelled to hire a cleaning service to do a better job than what the robot did, but we didn’t have that kind of frustration with the Roborock S4 Max. It cleaned incredibly well on its own, especially after repeated cleanings. The mapping technology onboard is really good, especially for the price point. 


The Roborock S4 max has just two buttons on top. One is a power button and the other is a home button. Holding the power button down turns the device on or off. The home button can be used with a single press to send the robot to do a full cleaning or held down for a spot cleaning. This simplified control setup puts a few options in your hands with minimal dials and buttons to work with. 

The charging dock is very stripped down and plain looking compared to some of its bulker and more complex-looking competitors. That means it doesn’t stand out too much in a living room and can blend in better with the décor. It includes rubber grips to keep it in place on your floor as well as an optional adhesive strip to keep it from moving around. 

This robot’s performance is really second to none. It’s incredibly efficient and uses a couple of vacuum ports to do the dirty work. It can handle dust, pet hair, dirt particles, dry food and more easily, picking them up much better than many of the competing robots. In performance tests when compared to other cleaning robots, the Roborock S4 Max did better at picking up dry cereal, pet hair, and a variety of other debris, and it was matched against the Roomba S9, 

Shark Ion R85, and Neato D4. 

While other robots may do a better job in specific categories or cleaning up one item over another, none of them matched the overall performance of the S4 Max. It manages to clean up well in every category, handling a wider variety of substances very efficiently and leaving nothing behind. There should be little reason for you to have to clean up afterwards or to do any spot cleaning once the S4 Max has come through.

It works well on both carpet and hardwood floors, in case you are wondering if you can use it on every kind of surface. The vacuum and brushes work together to make a clean sweep. In fact, the S4 Max excels on carpet, because it can have a little trouble with pet hair on hardwood floors. Some of that gets stuck in the brush inside the machine rather than swept all the way through to the device’s internal dustbin.

The S4 also has a large dustbin capacity, and in most cases, you probably won’t have to empty it more than once or twice a month. Of course, that depends on how often you use it and how dirty your home is, as well as how much foot traffic your floors get. 

The Roborock is designed to connect to an app on your smartphone, working with Android and iOS devices. Once it is connected to the app, you can see the battery level of the device, how much of your home or room it has cleaned, and the location of the robot. You can also see the path it used to clean and then select different cleaning modes from the app so that you don’t have to change settings manually. You can also set boundaries for the Roborock, determining which rooms it should and should not clean. You can even create invisible barriers by setting how far into each room you want it to clean.


Roborock already has a more advanced model on the market, but the S4 Max is one of the top-rated home cleaning robots. It outperforms a lot of the competition and is affordably priced, especially if you don’t mind getting a refurbished or gently used one. The cleaning device should last you for years and should work well in any environment. It offers a highly customizable cleaning program and responsive controls that make cleaning your home a breeze. 

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