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Remember when everyone thought the world would go back to normal on January 1st, 2021?

Well, here we are, locked down again. The cinemas are shuttered and left for dead, leaving movie buffs to watch new releases on lacklustre TVs.

But there is a glimmer of hope in 2021. A new gadget called Prima Projector lets you take the cinema home (and anywhere else). It’s a pocket-sized portable projector that projects up to 200 inches in 1080p HD. That’s a massive, 6-metre, cinema-sized screen that you can put in your pocket!

Thanks to a new projection engine from Texas Instruments, Prima looks bigger, brighter, and better than other portable projectors, and it’s a lot smaller.

Not only that, Prima is packed with advanced tech like a quad-core CPU, hard drive, Android OS, and speakers. You can download apps and files directly to the device and project wirelessly anywhere on the globe.

But, what we’re most excited about is turning any wall at home into a full HD screen for movies, Netflix, console and PC gaming, surfing the web, and more. Prima might not be the vaccine we were waiting for, but it sure cures the lockdown blues.

Prima is the most advanced pocket projector to date, and it doesn’t come cheap. But, early birds can take 50% off Prima for a limited time. Plus, these early buyers get free global shipping and an accessory bundle worth over $100. Not too shabby.

Prima Projector Features

Here’s what we like most about Prima.

  • Bigger Projection, Better Resolution: Prima’s DLP engine projects up to 200 inches in 1080p with no quality loss, plus 3D and 4K support.
  • Pocket-Friendly: Prima is the same size and weight as iPhone 8s. It begs to ride in your pocket. 
  • All Apps Onboard: Download 3M+ apps from Google Play directly to Prima—no external devices necessary. Watch Netflix, edit photos and videos, scroll Facebook, or wow the boss by protecting your project on the office wall.
  • Fast and Responsive: Switch between apps and devices in seconds. Prima’s quad-core CPU, Android 7.1 OS, and 5G WiFi make lag and loading a thing of the past.
  • Mirror and Cast Instantly: With instant pairing from Bluetooth and built-in software to optimize mirroring on Android and Apple devices, Prima projects any device’s media with zero flaws or distortion.
  • Improved Audio: Prima has Hi-Fi speakers you can actually hear (unlike other portable projectors). You can even use them as Bluetooth speakers.
  • A Longer Battery: 50% improved battery life means you can make it to the end of just about any movie or enjoy longer binge-watching sessions. Prima delivers 3+ hours of video playback per charge.
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Below we’ll take a closer look at Prima’s impressive tech.

Advanced DLP Projection Engine

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Texas Instruments developed a new projection engine for Prima, and it blows the competition out of the water.

Prima’s has the highest quality projection we’ve seen from any projector even close to its size.

TI managed to squeeze about 80 more inches out of a miniature projection engine than its main competitors Sony or Philips. And it can maintain 1080p quality the entire way.

By comparison, the Sony MP CL1A (the only projector that comes close to Prima’s size) can only project up to 120 inches in 720p resolution.

Before, that was considered pretty darn good. But Prima is changing the game.

TI’s new engine is also brighter than other small projectors, and not by a little bit either. Prima is 5x brighter than the Sony projector we just mentioned. And it’s 2-3x brighter than bigger portable projectors.

That means you can project from your pocket during the day and in bright conditions and still see a good-looking image. And when you’re watching movies in your dark lockdown den, the colours are more vibrant and the blacks deeper.

More Compact than Ever


What’s the benefit of a portable projector? Before Prima, there really wasn’t one.

I mean, it was easy to take to your buddy’s house to play Xbox, but it’s not like you would carry it around regularly. Most of the time, it just sits in its giant carrying case on the shelf.

Prima is the first projector you can carry with you in your pocket and actually use on the go.

Not only is prima smartphone-sized, but it’s also just as easy to use as your phone. Prima has a swipeable touchscreen, so you can whip it out and project anywhere.

No more squinting at small screens! It seriously takes just as much time to project with Prima as it does to scroll on your phone, so why wouldn’t you watch Netflix, browse Reddit, and play Fortnite on Prima?

Whether you’re at work, home, or on the bus, you can project anything with swipe-and-click ease.

Android Makes it Easy


Tired of confusing menus and blue screens from 1998 on your projector? Prima says goodbye to the past and embraces the future with its Android 7.1 mobile operating system. Navigation is a breeze with all of your apps and files on a central dashboard. It takes seconds to find anything and even less time to project it.

Combined with the power of an RK3128 CPU 4 core, you can expect easy transitions from apps and almost no load times. Prima’s speed makes it possible (and convenient), to project YouTube videos and GIFs in a moment with zero setup.

Saw a funny meme? Just point Prima and project it for your friends. It’s that easy.

Switch Between Devices with a Swipe


Prima comes with software that makes casting and mirroring effortless. Unlike other projectors that distort the colours and screen size of your device, Prima calibrates its image to look exactly like it does on your device—even if you’re switching devices rapidly.

Prima connects to your phone, computer, tablet, and more via WiFi, Bluetooth, and Airplay. Devices that you’ve used before connect instantly and new ones can be easily selected from a list of available devices.

If you’re gaming, sharing videos or photos, or collaborating at work, everyone can do it together on Prima instead of working on separate devices or huddling around a small screen.

Connects to Anything


To make life easier, Prima connects to any device you can imagine (ok, not your microwave… yet). Even if all your friends have different phones, Prima will connect and mirror them without effort. Even if all of your coworkers have different devices (PC, MacBook, tablet, 2010 iPod), Prima can bind you together with the power of universal compatibility.

Of course, if your device doesn’t connect to Bluetooth or WiFi, you’re out of luck, right? Not so fast. Prima has a surprising number of ports considering its size, including:

  • HDMI
  • 2x USB
  • Headphone jack
  • DC5V
  • Micro SD
  • TF

Prima’s ports make it easy to connect to gaming consoles, cameras, Raspberry Pi, and a lot more. You could even connect a VCR if you really wanted to.

Onboard Audio Breaks the Mold


If you’ve never owned a portable projector before, you might not be too impressed with Prima’s speakers. The sound can be a little flimsy at times.

But if you’ve tried and tested dozens of projectors (like we have), Prima’s speakers stand out. They’re much louder than other projector speakers due to some extra shock protection around the lens.

You see, most projectors can’t have loud audio because vibration risks the lens. And as a result, most projector speakers are TERRIBLE.

Are Prima’s speakers great? No. But they are far from terrible. If you’re projecting on the go or watching an episode of The Office on your lunch break, you won’t have any complaints.

A Lighter, Better Battery


Projector batteries don’t last long, and they are one of the heaviest components in these devices. That’s why we were shocked that Prima’s battery lasts 3 hours, yet the entire projector weighs just 6.6 oz.

But it’s true. We tried it out, and Prima clocks a consistent 3 hours (if it’s been charged recently).

This is a big step up from other projectors that average around 2 hours. 2 hours simply doesn’t cut it now that most movies run over 120 mins. I mean, you want to be able to finish a Marvel movie if you’re watching wirelessly on a road trip.

Another perk is Prima’s audio-only mode, in which you can use the projector as a Bluetooth speaker. In this mode, the battery lasts up to 30 hours.

Add a Little Life to Your Lockdown with Prima (and Get 50% Off)


Getting cabin fever? We know how you feel. But we promise, when you add an 18-foot HD cinema screen to your living room (or to the side of your house), you won’t mind being at home. Movies, shows, games, and work are so much more engaging on a bigger and clearer screen.

Better yet, once this whole COVID-19 thing blows over, you’ll be able to enjoy real portable projection for the first time ever. No more small screens!

If you’re itching for a change of scenery, now is the best time to get Prima. For short while longer, early birds can grab a Prima Projector for 50% off. This deal includes FREE shipping and an accessory bundle normally valued at over $100. It includes a free tripod, carrying pouch, and more. Once Prima hits the shelves, all that stuff will cost you nearly $1000.

Don’t wait until you succumb to cabin fever. Get Prima now at and start living your best lockdown.

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