While most people are happy with a basic push button style vapour, there has been a massive boom in users wanting more advanced vaping devices; many users go as far to mod the device affecting either the voltage or wattage of it.

Wattage and voltage are two different things but are closely related. Think of voltage as input, wattage as output, and as you increase one; you increase the other as well. When you increase the wattage, you use your battery more.

Wattage is not just affected by voltage; the other important factor is the resistance within the coil that the voltage passes over, and this resistance is measured in ohms.

These variables affect how much heat, vapour and flavour is produced. Low ohm coils, like the ones found on Vapester, they use more watts, and produce more vapour, heat and flavour than high ohm coils.

This style of vaping is generally for more advanced users and often are the people that you see blowing big clouds of smoke, and the ones on YouTube doing tricks with clouds.

While many like occasionally doing high wattage vaping, it is not always the preferred technique all the time, instead a user might want to use a low wattage setting for every day vaping. This also has another advantage, for casual vaping, using the low wattage setting can mean you get very long battery life.

This has led to a wide range of new products that offer variable wattage settings allowing you to chose the exact wattage for your preference at whatever time. Many of these more advanced devices have enormous ranges, and it is not uncommon to see one with a range from 1-200+ watts. These devices will also often come with LCD screens making it easy to control the exact settings of the device.

All of these new devices that have come to the market come with several layers of safety avoiding any issues with the battery, so they are safe to use regardless of you vaping level.