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Ok so I will be the first to admit that I have no musical talent whatsoever, so being asked to review WeDJ the DJing app made by Pioneer was a little strange for me.

WeDJ, as the name suggests, is a DJing app meant for simple mixing on the go, or at least simple for people that know how to DJ.

WeDJ is a two-channel DJ app. It’s got a three-band EQ and volume fader per channel, and it also has a crossfader for fading between the channels. There are auto and manual loop controls, a sampler, a combo FX X-Y surface that you can customise, as well as six Pad FX.

There are 2 options, the iPhone version costs a bargain 99p while the iPad version costs, a still affordable, £4.99. I opted for the iPad version as I figured it would be easier to navigate all the functions on a bigger screen.

The interface for WeDJ is quite easy to understand, if you are familiar with DJing at all I am sure it will be very familiar. Less so for me, but I navigated around with relative ease. There are two deck platters, cue, play/pause, slip, and sync controls, plus a crossfader.

One important issue I faced immediately was that WeDj can only work with none DRM music, so most of the content I had on the iPad initially would not work as it was all bought off iTunes. I had to manually transfer some music over to get some content that would work.

Once you have your content on the device you just need to select the MP3, it loads it with the album art, and you can run your finger through this platter to scratch or fine tune the position of the playhead for placing a cue point. The top of the deck shows the waveform of the MP3 allowing for easy searching for selected points within the track.

This was largely where my DJing skills ended, and for most people, this will be more than enough for some casual party DJing. For people with a little more skill, you can carry out various functions including:

  • Tempo controls / Manual beat matching
  • Utility Panel – which just gives you access to more controls such as auto loop, sampler etc.
  • Mixer, which has a channel fader and a three-band EQ
  • Hot Cues which indicate where different parts of the track start.
  • Loop controls
  • Combo FX – this allows you to create effects such as filter, Jet, Echo, and Spiral. The touchscreen makes this quite easy to control, though for me I was just making random noises.
  • Pad FX – which gives you 6 pads to assign different effects too
  • Sampler – which allows you to play samples easily.

For a novice like me it was a little much to understand, but for anyone interested in getting into DJing this seems like a great app to understand the basics which out having to spend a significant amount of money. For anyone that has even the slightest DJing ability, it will be a great little app to use at parties.

Once you have mastered the WeDJ app and want to move to something more physical it can integrate with Pioneer DJs own compact DJ software controllers the  DDJ-WeGO4 and DDJ-WeGO3 which will allow you to have physical control over the DJ app rather than just using the touchscreen.

Overall, this was a fun app to try out, and for the price you can’t complain about it at all, it is a great entry point for budding DJs that also includes an upgrade path to physical hardware for when you get more serious.

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