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Not really consumer tech news, but such a large and serious incident I which will have long-reaching effects it is worth posting about.

OVH, the largest VPS and dedicated hosting provider in Europe has had a disastrous fire occur within its SGB1 data centre which has then affected  SGB1-4.

Most importantly, no one has been hurt, and the fire is now out.

SGB2 data centre has been destroyed

Unfortunately, the result is that the entire SGB2 data centre has been destroyed, and anyone hosting within that data centre has been advised to start a data recovery protocol. Parts of SGB1 have also been destroyed.

The problem is that most small companies are unlikely to have such a thing in place. Personal users will almost certainly not have one in place.

Not just data loss – prolonged downtime

Unless companies have some sort of load balancing server in place, any site in SGB2 will now be faced with having to set up a new server and restoring whatever backup they may or may not have onto the server, then also having to change the DNS records.

This could be days worth of work, and for many people, there will be a significant permanent loss of data.


To make matters worse, for EU companies, the GDPR specifically requires companies to have Data Loss Protection (DLP) in place. I am not sure what the GDPR consequences are of losing your client data, but it is a headache that people certainly don’t want to deal with.

All websites located within SGB1-4 also face prolonged downtime, SBG1, SBG3, SBG4 won’t be restarted today.

This provides a stark reminder on the importance of data backups. You may not need a formal data recovery plan but anyone hosting important data, including websites should always have some sort of backup strategy in place that includes off-site backups.

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