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The yearly cycle of tech upgrades isn’t exclusive to mobile phones and TVs, Oral-B updates it toothbrushes on a yearly cycle too.

At MWC 2022, they have announced the new flagship Oral-B iO Series 10.

The big improvement this year is what Oral-B is calling iOSense, a new virtual brushing coach that will deliver real-time brushing help as well as feedback.

This change includes changing the design of the charging base, which incorporates many of the coaching features into it, meaning you don’t have to rely on an app when you brush your teeth.

The new base now has a digital display and light bar display which will show you the brushing countdown, pressure sensor information and which part of your mouth you should be focusing on.

The pressure sensor has also been improved to give you a more accurate idea if you are brushing too lightly, just right or too hard.

The new toothbrush also comes with a Power2Go charging travel case something that wasn’t on some of the previous generations, but competing brands did offer.

Oral B has also provided some stats from a 6-month clinical study they carried out:

  • 96% of patients using Oral-B® iO moved from non-healthy to healthy gums meaning the longer you use iO, the better off you are.
  • By using Oral-B® iO, users have 14.5x higher odds of moving from non-healthy gums to healthy gums compared to a regular manual toothbrush.
  • Oral-B® iO removes 62% more plaque than Sonicare DiamondClean SMART along the gumline and 26% more plaque in hard-to-reach areas.

Considering how much dental treatment costs, the improved teeth hygiene from using Oral B seems to justify the price of the toothbrushes.

Currently, there is no word on price or availability. As always, with these things, at launch, it will have a high price which will quickly drop during the holiday periods.

Full Press Release

As Artificial Intelligence makes its way into almost every facet of life, it makes sense that our oral health routine gets a smart upgrade too. Today, at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Oral-B® the #1 Dentist Recommended Brand Worldwide and leader in oscillating-rotating electric toothbrushes, announces its latest technological innovation: Oral-B iO™ 10 with iOSense™.

The new iO10 with iOSense, the latest addition to the iO range, is set to revolutionise the way we brush our teeth with a personalised experience like never before.

It is accompanied by a smart device called iOSense, which offers real-time guidance with the aid of AI and a personalized brushing experience that ensures healthier gums and teeth.

Benjamin Binot, P&G Europe Oral Care Senior Vice President says; “The innovation represents a new era of brushing that is more than just an electric toothbrush – it’s a fusion of ground-breaking technology, desirable design and amazing performance. iO 10with iOSense is our latest commitment to building a digital health ecosystem that leads with advanced technologies, accessible solutions and more effective educational tools to improve oral care and health for all.”

“Our clinical tests show that Oral-B® iO delivers a deeper clean of teeth and gums versus a manual toothbrush, but now with iOSense, the personalized brushing experience will revolutionize our entire relationship with our oral health,” says Maike Siemons, Europe R&D Oral Care leader.

Artificially Intelligent:

The NEW iOSense device is powered by artificial intelligence to intuitively guide your brushing and provide a personalized brushing experience like no other. It guides you…

  • When to brush: the iOSense has a timer for optimal brushing time and a Wi-Fi clock
  • Where to brush: the intuitive iOSense lights mean you’ll never miss a spot
  • How to brush: The Oral-B® App tracks your goals and provides personalizes feedback after every brushing

The iOSense is also a magnetic charger that charges your brush in about 3 hours. For users on-the-go, it comes with the Power2Go charging travel case, meaning you can charge at your leisure.

Smart Performance:

Oral-B® iO’s revolutionary micro-vibration technology removes 100% more plaque than a manual brush to give you that professional clean feeling, at home, improving your oral health and contributing to better overall body health​. However, it’s not only about what the iO can do, it’s also about how it makes you feel. Using iO10 is a truly sensorial experience that will transform the act of brushing into something you have to do into something you want to do. 

In clinical tests, Oral-B® iO provided a deeper clean of teeth and gums, allowing users to maintain oral health easily and effectively. Versus manual toothbrushes, Oral-B iO users experienced:

  • Six times more plaque removal along the gumline
  • 100% healthier gums in one week
  • Whiter teeth in one week thanks to revolutionary iO™ technology

In a 6-month clinical study:

  • 96% of patients using Oral-B® iO moved from non-healthy to healthy gums meaning the longer you use iO, the better off you are.
  • By using Oral-B® iO, users have 14.5x higher odds of moving from non-healthy gums to healthy gums compared to a regular manual toothbrush.
  • Oral-B® iO removes 62% more plaque than Sonicare DiamondClean SMART along the gumline and 26% more plaque in hard-to-reach areas.

The Oral-B® iO 10 Design:

  • Comes in two new galactic-inspired brush designs, cosmic black and stardust white.
  • The interactive Colour Display enables easy navigation through the brush features including welcome greetings, language settings and selection of cleaning modes, including sensitive, deep clean and whitening.
  • The Smart Pressure Sensor guides users to apply optimal cleaning pressure. The sensor warns of overpressure with a red light and indicates in green when users are applying the optimal cleaning pressure, maximising the effectiveness of Oral-B® iO’s iconic round brush head, inspired by dentist tools.
  • The Oral-B® app provides personalized feedback after every brushing session. It enables easy navigation through the brush features and allows a simple set-up of the brushing system. It also allows you to customize your brushing experience within the app, by setting up personal goals to meet your individual needs.
  • The Oral-B® app also provides 3D graphics and the AI Brushing technology recognizes all areas within the mouth, guiding users toward 100% brushing area completion.
  • The Visual Timer provides personalized guidance for users to reach their best clean yet. The timer tracks each brushing sessions duration, so users know when they have brushed for the dentist-recommended two minutes. Smiley icons on the display let users know if they have achieved their goal.

Introducing Oral-B iO4 and iO5

At MWC 2022 Oral-B® is also launching iO Series 4 and 5, affordable alternatives that still have the innovative iO technology, meaning a superior brushing experience is available for all, whatever your budget.   

  • Comes in a range of new colours: Quite White, Matt Black and Blush Pink or Lavender
  • Powered by artificial intelligence
  • Has an intuitive smart pressure sensor that coaches you in real-time
  • Dentist-inspired round brush head with unique micro-vibrating bristles
  • Comes with smart modes so you can personalise your clean

Healthy Habits for People and the Planet

This year at MWC 2022, Oral-B will highlight its commitment to powering the smallest daily habits, such as using an electric toothbrush, to create a positive impact on the health of your whole body, whole family and the whole planet. Healthy habits for the environment mean a world where everyone respects our planet and its natural resources by:

  • Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Recycling packaging and products
  • Unplugging the toothbrush charger when not in use

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