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The OBSBOT Tiny 2 was announced back in March, but there were some delays in the launch, and it has finally been made available to buy today, on the 27th of June 2023.

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 is the successor to the Tiny 4K, which I previously reviewed. Then there is the more affordable 1080P Tiny PTZ.

I was happy with the OBSBOT Tiny 4K, but even though it captured footage in 4K, I felt that the image quality could have been better. The OBSBOT Tiny 2 should significantly improve the quality thanks to a significant upgrade with the camera sensor. The Tiny 2 now uses an ultra large 1/1.5” CMOS sensor vs the 1/2.8″ sensor on the older model.

That makes it one of the biggest sensors used on a webcam. The Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra has an impressive 1/1.2 Sony Starvis 2 sensor, but it lacks the advanced PTZ and auto-tracking features of the Tiny 2.

OBSBOT made it clear that my review sample was a pre-release model, and it may have minor differences compared to the retail units.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 - PTZ 4K Webcam with AI Tracking, Voice... OBSBOT Tiny 2 - PTZ 4K Webcam with AI Tracking, Voice... No ratings yet £329.00Amazon Prime

OBSBOT Tiny 2 4k Webcam Specification

OBSBOT Tiny 2OBSBOT Tiny 4KInsta360 Link
Video ResolutionUp to 4K@30fps/ 1080p@60fpsUp to 4K@30fps/ 1080p@60fpsUp to 4K@30fps/ 1080p@60fps
Digital Zoom4x zoom4x zoom4x zoom
CMOS Size1/1.5'' CMOS1/2.8'' CMOS1/2'' CMOS
Focus Type4X Faster Focusing
All-Pixel Auto Focus / Manual Focus
Auto Focus / Manual FocusPDAF/Manual Focus
ISODual Native ISOSingle Native ISOSingle Native ISO
Beauty ModeBeauty ModeBeauty ModeN/A
USB InterfaceUSB 3.0USB 2.0USB 2.0
Auto TrackingAuto Tracking with Auto Zoom by 2-axis GimbalAuto Tracking by 2-axis GimbalAuto Tracking
Voice ControlYesNoN/A
Auto FramingYesNoN/A
Desk ModeYesNoYes
Dynamic Gesture ControlYesGesture ControlYes
Hand TrackingYesNoN/A
Zone TrackingYesNoN/A
Blurred BackgroundYesYesN/A
Sleep ModeSleep Mode 2.0Sleep Mode 2.0N/A
Dedicated Remote ControllerYesYesN/A
DimensionsSize ( without mount )
62.02mm x 47mm x 44mm
Size ( with mount )
63.52mm x 47mm x 44mm
Size ( without mount )
89.4mm x 58mm x 58mm
Size ( with mount )
142mm x 58mm x 58mm
Size ( without mount )
69mm x 41mm x 45mm
Size ( with mount )
69mm x 41mm x 45mm
Weight95.6g / 143g147g/ 176g106g / 106g


01. The front side of Tiny 2

The Tiny 2 has a similar design to the previous models. I have mislaid my 4K Tiny, but in comparison to the 1080P model, the overall design has been refined, the overall size is smaller, and it looks and feels like a better camera.

There are two mounting methods; the base of the camera is magnetic, and this attaches to a foldable plate that is designed to sit on top of your monitor.

You also have a standard tripod mounting hole allowing you to attach this to a variety of accessories. I ended up using it with a tripod that has extendable legs.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Review 1 scaled
The Tiny 4K is quite a bit larger than the new Tiny 2


The camera will be automatically recognised by Windows and should work as soon as you plug it in. However, you will also want to install the OBSBOT WebCam software, which will give you access to all the settings and advanced controls.

As I received an early review sample, I was provided with a firmware file to update the camera. You can check the firmware and do an automatic upgrade from the more tab on the app. I was supplied with the v6.0.1.6 firmware, but v6.0.1.8 was launched on 15/06/2023.

Remote Control

My review sample came with the remote control, which I haven’t used in the previous reviews. This is a handy accessory to have as it gives you additional controls without having to rely on hand gestures. To get it to work, you need to use the dongle that is provided inside the remote and connect it to your PC. The OBSBOT WebCam app will then automatically recognise it.

The main things I used with the remote were enabling/disabling the auto tracking, manually controlling the PTZ, and manually controlling the zoom.


The OBSBOT WebCam app has an extensive range of features which can be broken down into four sections:


This is the main section you will want to use, and from here, you can control the main camera functions, including setting up all the various tracking options and AI options.

For tracking, you can have normal tracking, upper body, close-up, headless, and lower body.

For the zone tracking, you need to focus the camera on the zone you want tracking, then assign that to a preset.

You can also set up the AI mode for desktop use, whiteboard, hand, and group.

Under the view settings, you can manually control the PTZ, zoom and also set the viewing angle to wide/medium/narrow.


Within the image settings, you have all the options you’d expect for a camera, including the option to adjust exposure, white balance and image tweaks such as contrast, saturation etc.

By default, the focus mode will be on your face, but you can set this to global.

At the time of writing, the HDR settings were not available and stated they would be coming soon.


For the beauty mode, you have various filter options, including altering your body shame and retouching your face. The main one I used here was the background blur which is handy if you need to use the webcam with an app that doesn’t have this built-in.

For the background blur, the tooltip suggests that a GeForce RTX 20 series or higher is required if you want to enable the advanced effects. My RTX3080 died, so I am stuck using an AMD RX580, which is not powerful enough for the advanced features.


Under the more tab, you have settings for gesture and voice control. I am not normally a huge fan of voice commands, I rarely use things like Alexa. However, this works quite well. There is no wake-up command needed; you can just say the command, such as track me, and it will be enabled. I have a northern accent, and it didn’t seem to have an issue understanding me.

In Use

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Review head tracking still image

I don’t use a webcam a lot, so I wouldn’t say I am an expert, nor do I have demanding requirements, but I have been very happy with this so far.

The main thing I noticed is that the image quality is much better than other webcams, and that’s the most important thing at the end of the day.

My office tends to be dimly lit as I always keep the blinds tilted, but the image is nice and bright and clear. There is never any issue with the focus; even moving around the camera always keeps a good focus on my face.

Under the images section, I tend to leave it set to auto, and for my office, this means it brightened the image a little. With it switched off, everything looked a little bit duller.

With tracking enabled, the camera keeps my head central to the image and the tracking movements are smooth. There is no jitteriness or blurring from it moving too fast.

One of the big features of this camera is the ability to recognise hand gestures, but I personally preferred using the remote control or voice commands. The flexibility of options is useful, though.

App Crashes

OBSBOT made it clear that my review unit was basically a beta unit, and I may experience some issues.

My desktop PC seemed to experience problems, but the Honor laptop I tested it on didn’t have any issues at all.

The main problem I experienced was with the beauty mode. With this, the OBSBOT creates a virtual camera which you need to connect to rather than the normal camera feed.

However, when I click on the button to enable the beauty features, the app crashes. This could also be due to the old GPU I am using.

Apart from the background blur, the beauty features are not very important to me, so it wasn’t too much of a problem for me. I will update the review when I have updated the camera to a more stable firmware that retail units get.

Price and Alternative Options

OBSBOT Tiny 2 - PTZ 4K Webcam with AI Tracking, Voice... OBSBOT Tiny 2 - PTZ 4K Webcam with AI Tracking, Voice... No ratings yet £329.00Amazon Prime

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 has an RRP of $329, and the UK price is £329.

The older OBSBOT Tiny 4K is £270 on Amazon with a £30 voucher available, or the 1080P is £180 with a £20 voucher.

The Insta360 Link 4K PTZ Webcam is the best like-for-like alternative if you want the AI PTZ functionality, and this is £320 on Amazon.

Or, if you can live without the PTZ and want the best quality camera, then the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra is £300.


My review sample has had some teething issues which should be resolved for the retail units, and I will therefore ignore these on the assumption they are going to be fixed.

Considering that, I am very impressed with the OBSBOT Tiny 2, it is a superb webcam that is ideal for a wide range of applications.

It is a significant upgrade from the Tiny 4K, and based on the specification alone, it should be a lot better than the Insta360 (I haven’t used it).

Similar to my previous reviews, the OBSBOT cameras are easy to recommend if you want a PTZ webcam because there is very little competition out there.

The Insta360 has launched since I reviewed the Tiny 4K, but apart from that, there isn’t really anything else. All the other PTZ options are geared more towards conference rooms and presentations and generally don’t have consumer-friendly price points.    

Therefore, if you need a PTZ webcam that is both high quality and semi-affordable, then the OBSBOT Tiny 2 is probably the best option out there.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Review Rating


The OBSBOT Tiny 2 is a significant upgrade over the previous 4K model. The image quality is much better, and the large camera sensor should make this have better quality video than most webcams on the market. The PTZ functionality is excellent, and there is almost no competition for a consumer-orientated PTZ webcam. This, therefore, makes the OBSBOT Tiny 2 an easy recommendation. One caveat, I did have some teething issues, but I have been assured that this is due to it being a pre-release review sample.

  • Overall - 85%


  • Superb video quality, a big improvement vs the older 4K model
  • Smooth PTZ with excellent auto tracking


  • Some teething issues with my review sample and the beauty features (on my main PC, but not laptop)

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