Mediatek T300

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At MWC 2024, MediaTek has announced the T300 which is the is the latest addition to their 5G RedCap range, designed for wearables and IoT devices where low power draw is essential. It packs in their M60 modem to bring 5G connectivity through the 3GPP Release 17 standard, offering major gains over existing 4G solutions.

There’s an integrated RF design to simplify antennas and extend battery life of connected gizmos, while reducing time and costs for manufacturers. Compared to LTE Cat 4 or 5G eMMB chips, MediaTek quote up to 60-70% power savings which helps sustainability and deployment scale.

JC Hsu, a senior VP at the company, said: “T300 combines 5G’s speed and latency perks with what these IoT gadgets uniquely need – low cost and power use.”

MediaTek T300 Infographic Final 0124

It can hit peak rates up to 227Mbps down and 122Mbps up. The integrated 5G modem has a stack of battery optimizations like paging early indication, transmission range switching when idle etc. An 800MHz CPU ensures it remains responsive when needed.

Other features include:

  • MediaTek’s UltraSave tech to further cut power needs
  • 5G NSA & SA support, plus LTE & NR-FR1 backing to ease transition from 4G networks
  • Up to 256 QAM DL/UL and 1T2R MIMO for improved reliability
  • Dual SIM single active abilities plus network slicing to serve different applications

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