If you are a regular cyclist, especially commuter, you will be all too aware of the dangers of cycling in traffic. During dark mornings or evenings bike mounted lights help a lot, but Livall hopes to improve your safety even further.

The Livall range of bike helmets are possibly the first smart helmets on the market and incorporate a variety of features to improve both your safety and ride. These include lights on the rear of the helmet as well as indicators which are synced up to a Bluetooth remote on your handlebars, this then allows you to indicate safely while moving through traffic.

The helmets also include speakers and a microphone allowing you to listen to music or take calls. It is also possible to use the speaker and mic as a walkie-talkie between other riders wearing the same helmets.

Design & Features

The model I was sent to review is the Livall BH60SE which is a road bike style helmet and currently costs about £99. Considering all the smart features bundled with this helmet, I think this is quite reasonable; a decent road bike helmet typically costs about £50 without these features.

The BH51M model won the ISPO Product of the Year award in the Urban category at ISPO Munich 2018, and this helmet has all the same features, but with improved lighting and a different style. This award is to highlight the best sports product of the year, so the Livall series of helmets has some good accreditations.

The basic design is very similar to any other road helmet you wear; it uses a polycarbonate shell over compressed polystyrene with soft gel pads for comfort. The helmet design is a mesh style pattern offering 24 vents for airflow. You can get the helmet to fit with the adjustable buckle at the back and the combination of that and the gel padding made the fit very comfortable during my rides.