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A recent Linux support list has revealed details about the up and coming Intel Comet Lake processors. These new chips will be built on the 14nm process node but with a higher number of cores than what’s currently available on Intel’s mainstream platform.

The Linux support list includes Comet Lake-S, Comet Lake-H, and Comet Lake-U families.

The Comet Lake-S parts are what most people will be interested in, these are then mainstream desktop chips. There are two parts that have been listed, a 10+2 and an 8+2 SKU. The Comet Lake-S 10+2 SKU indicates that the chip would feature 10 cores and GT2 graphics. This will likely be a replacement for the 8-core Core i9-9900K.

intel comet

The other part is the Comet Lake-S 6+2 SKU which features 6 cores and the same GT2 graphics chip. This chip would be replacing the 6 core, Core i7-9700K.

It is expected that the new chips will feature high frequencies similar to the
Coffee Lake Core i9-9900K, with the 14nm process it is very likely that these will be both very power hungry and difficult to tame the thermals.

Intel Comet Lake CPUs

It is worth noting that the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series chips based on Zen 2 will use the 7nm process, which will give them some significant advantages with power consumption and heat. It is also likely that the next generation AMD chips will top out at 16-cores, though it is unlikely that they will compete with the overall frequencies.

The support list shows two parts for the high-performance notebook family with the Comet Lake-H 8+2 having 8 cores and GT2 graphics and also the Comet Lake-H 6+2 with 6 cores and GT2 graphics. 

Previously, the new lineup of Intel 9th Gen Notebooks CPUs was revealed via an export compliance listing, so we already know quite a bit about these. The listing revealed the following:

CPU NameCPU CoresCPU ThreadsMax ClocksIntegrated GraphicsL3 Cache
Core i9-9980HK6125.0 GHzUHD 63016 MB
Core i9-9880H6124.8 GHzUHD 63016 MB
Core i7-9850H664.6 GHzUHD 63012 MB
Core i7-9750H664.5 GHzUHD 63012 MB
Core i5-9400H484.3 GHzUHD 6308 MB
Core i5-9300H484.1 GHzUHD 6308 MB

The Comet Lake-U will be the ultra low power chips including 6 core, 4 core, and 2 core parts, all of which feature GT2 graphics.

It is likely that AMD will gain more ground against Intel this year with their 7nm chips launching mid-year. However, these Comet Lake chips should be the last of the 14nm chips from Intel and the new 10nm Ice Lake CPUs desktop chips are expected to launch next year so it will be interesting to see if they can compete with AMDs excellent price vs performance ratio.

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