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Old photos preserve our memories with relatives, friends, schoolmates, or even colleagues. Over time, these photos become too faded, and with many scratches, the memories you once preserved begin to fade away. However, with the Old Photo Restoration Software from SoftOrbits, you can breathe life into the old photos and add color or clarity.

The software is recommended as, unlike other software, it does not require any experience. With easy steps, you can bring back your old photos to life.

How to Restore Old Photos With Photo Retoucher

With these elementary steps, you can restore your old photos and bring back the memories you wish to preserve. The steps are straightforward to follow even with no prior experience in photo editing. The SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher identifies any defects in your images, making it easier for you to restore the appearance and bring more meaning to it. These steps include:

  • Digitize your old photo

Scan your photos to get a digital copy using a digital scanner, or you can use your smartphone camera to take a photo of the old photo. Ensure that you get a clear picture with all details. While using a high resolution on your camera or phone, get a high-quality image to simplify editing and get a clear photo with all elements. Save the image on your computer with the highest resolution JPG format.

  • Add the photo

Open the software and on the add file/add folder button, add your photo ready for editing. You can create a second image for reference so that you don’t over edit the picture and lose the initial meaning.

How to Restore Old Photos With Photo Retoucher2
  • Crop and straighten the image

Crop the image to remove any unnecessary parts that might hinder your edits. Ensure you are working on a clean appearance for easier editing. On the crop toolbar, drag the cropping edges to the size of the image you would want to eliminate. You will also straighten the image to ensure that it is straight. The software allows you to rotate the image to befit your expectations. You can play around with the image while turning it to get your desired results.

  • Adjust the brightness as preferred

To be able to notice any defects in the image, adjust the brightness for easier viewing.

  • Remove scratches

The SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher has an automatic tool for detecting scratches, making it easier to see scratches. With the scratches button, identify marks or areas that you want to be removed and remove them using the remover tool. Zoom the picture close to locate any detailed defects that might be hard to notice by naked eyes when the image is far.

Remove scratches
  • Fill out the voids manually

While using the clone stamp to paint over parts of an image, the smudge tool to mix and blend the detail surrounding the photo, and the concealer tool for drawing over spots and cracks make an appropriate selection to fill the void or remove any blemishes in the image.

  • Add color to the image

To bring more meaning to the picture or renew it, add color using the colorize button. Coloring is, however, optional as you would love to preserve the old black and white photo as it brings the old memories fresh.

add colour
  • Save the Image

Saving your image is the last step; after confirming your photo befits the desired results, click on the Save As on your computer, and you will get your photo saved.

Advantages of using SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

The Photo Restoration Software is very beneficial when bringing life and meaning to your old photos. The memories do not have to fade because the pictures are old and scratched. Softorbits Photo Retoucher is important when recreating old memories because:

  • Simple to use

Any person who has basic computer knowledge can edit the photo and bring it back to life. With a few easy steps, you renew your old images.

  • Create a digital copy

Hard copy pictures are prone to damage and fading. However, with the Photo Retoucher from SoftOrbits, you can get digital images that are easier to store, and you can edit them anytime. The digital copies don’t fade hence preserving your memories for longer. It is also straightforward to share a digital copy with friends or family members to help them remember the times you spent together.

  • Eliminate the scratches

With the photo Retoucher from SoftOrbits, you can remove the scratches, tears, or faded parts by uploading the photo and removing the scratches. It’s that simple.

  • Add Color

When technology hadn’t evolved during the early days, images used to be black and white. The memories can be kept fresh and added more flavor by using the Photo Retoucher from SoftOrbits. The software has options to add any color of your choice; hence you can recreate it to your liking.

  • Enlargements of Photos

Most old photos are tiny, and the details may not be visible. With the Photo Retoucher Software, you can enlarge the images to get more information and even frame them to hang on walls, and the entire family will share the memories.

  • Preservation of your old photos

Even if you store your hard copies in a box, degradation can occur, making the image fade and lose its meaning over time. You can keep the original photo to preserve the memory even with the software from SoftOrbits. A digital copy photo remains fresh, and the memories remain intact even after decades.

  • Fixing the missing parts

An old photo can lose a finger, foot, ear, or any part of the body for different reasons. The Photo Retoucher Software from SoftOrbits enables you to fix the missing parts quickly, even without the need of a professional.

Bringing Life to Your Old Photo

Download the Watermark Remover Software from Microsoft Store, it is easy to bring your old memories back to life by retouching your old photos. Anyone can use the software without any experience, and the steps are straightforward to follow. Download the Photo Retoucher Software from SoftOrbits for free today and make your old photos new within a few minutes.

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