How Crypto Betting Breaches Gamstop?

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In the UK more than 340,000 problem gamblers fight every day to overcome their disorder. One of the best ways to ensure a proper recovery is by putting a time off from the habit and the best way is by having a self-exclusion. A service provided by Gamstop.

However, not many have the will to keep straight, and when the itch of a flutter appears, problem gamblers seek any source to help them fulfil the wicked need. With an online restriction over their heads, crypto casinos appear as a convenient solution to overcome it and get their fix.


For the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring a safe environment for customers and operators alike demanded the creation of Gamstop, a self-exclusion scheme that allows customers to put themselves apart from gambling for a period of 2- 3, months up to 2-5 years and help them cope with their recovery.

The Scheme demanded operators get actively involved, not only by contributing with fees but also with their compliance to the registry and exclusion of customers. Even, promoting the service on those whose gambling pattern evidence a compulsive behaviour.

Crypto Gambling

Before the booming popularity of cryptos in 2018 these were a favoured currency for those only looking to remain anonymous while making their financial transaction, including funding gambling in restricted jurisdictions.

Although cryptos were initially advertised as a criminal tool, its benefits far outreach its cons. Because blockchain allows faster operations, gamblers can cash out their winnings in less time, with lesser commissions,  and even more safely.  This has made them a popular choice when compared to other operations when withdrawals take at least 2-3 business days to become effective.

Crypto gambling sites aren't restricted to a jurisdiction, they offer almost unlimited access for those looking for action even if they aren't allowed by their country’s regulations, law, or even the sake of their wellbeing.

No ID = No Gamstop

The Gamstop service requires customers to use a valid ID to register and suspend the account associated through all listed operators to get self-excluded. Something that crypto sites aren’t obligated to demand.

Because crypto operators aren’t affiliated to Gamstop and customers don’t need an ID to create an account, UK gamblers obtained a way that answers a question on how to avoid Gamstop. The blockchain registry is only what crypto operators need to receive and address the funds from its customers.

Even in the case that the crypto gambling site requires an ID to allow customers to open an account the use of cryptocurrency is enough to overcome any restriction. This allows customers to overcome any possible linking to any UK account especially when almost every crypto gambling site, if not illegal, is an offshore operator.

Using a VPN allows an extra layer of discretion as users can “log” from literally any part of the world where Gamestop is out of effect. This made crypto gambling sites a very attractive option.

Why do People Go Around Gamstop?

Those looking to overcome the restriction are people who are at low to moderate risk of problem gambling, the kind of customer that still hasn't developed a condition that compromises its mental faculties and still able to find creative ways to overcome gambling restrictions.

There is also the cheater type. who finds the process of retaking gambling too lengthy and sees in crypto gambling an option to get a quick fix while its exclusion periods come to term.

In both cases, those who overcome the self-exclusion restriction are at risk of:

Making the full transition to problem gambling

Once the self-excluded customer achieves to gamble again the brain reinforces the rewarding process because the enticing of engaging in risky activity plus the “getting away with crime” factor, only multiplies the pleasure. However, the mirage only gets broken once the gambler starts to increase the frequency of these sessions until losing control again.


Increase of debt acquisition

Because crypto sites don't require to check the real source of funding of any of its customers and aren’t obligated to impose any betting limits to them. In these cases, problem gamblers are only limited to rebuy cryptocurrencies to keep funding their gaming. even if that means maxing their credit card or engaging with criminals (who prowl these sites) to keep the funding.

The Choice is Yours

Crypto gambling can be a slightly different source of entertainment for those who like a little bit of discretion in their actions and better promotions considering how restrictive the market has become. However, it cannot be an option for those looking to recover control from a habit that has cost them, money, family and for some, even their lives.

If you ever decide to self-exclude but the temptation is hard to overcome don’t hide with another operator, ask for help and when the time comes, you will be there to enjoy your favourite game.

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