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Picture this; you walk into a room, but something is not right. You have this weird feeling that someone is filming you secretly or eavesdropping into your calls. Indeed, you are not paranoid. These days, it’s hard to detect a listening device or spy camera.

But wait, why would anyone want to carry out surveillance on you? Well, it could be that the person needs to gather evidence relating to a suit pending in court, divorce or compensation claim. Others will do it with malicious intent.

Still, you can get past surveillance bugs and camera. That way, you’ll be 100% sure that your home or office is off limits. Here’s how to do it;

Invest in an RF Bug Detector

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As Stealthy Ninjas website puts it, a high-quality detector could very well be your best to sweep a room for bugs. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to leave a hole in your budget to get one. On top of that, you can tell if you’re under surveillance at the press of a button.

For starters, a detector works by picking up radio frequencies transmitting in a room. Now, most surveillance devices use RF signals to monitor and receive information. So, all you need to do is to switch off your electrical gadgets and walk around with your detector. Then, be on the lookout for a beeping sound that increases in volume as you approach the source of transmission.

Tip – Before you invest your money on any RF detector, make sure that it provides reasonable radio frequency coverage, preferably more than 20 GHz.

Turn Off the Lights

Simple, huh?  Sure. When the lights are off, look for a tiny, white or red light, static or blinking – that shows there’s a camera recording. You can also try to illuminate the room with a torch to spot the camera’s lens.  The only downside to this tactic, however, is that you can only use it for less sophisticated bugs or small rooms.

Carry Out Manual Check

You only need about five to ten minutes to inspect bookshelves, light fittings and under your desks for bugs (depending on the size of your room, of course). It is essential to mention that state-of-the-art spy bugs and cameras can easily pass for household items, making it hard for you to spot them.

So, be sure to check everyday items such as air fresheners, phone chargers, and smoke detectors.  One of the easiest ways to do so is to plug the device into a power source to see if it works – if not, it could very well be a disguise for a camera.

Check your Computer

Your emails, online activity, and documents are prone to malicious programs or viruses. The best way to pick up any spies is to invest in decent anti-malware software.  Get a reliable application with a lot of positive reviews from previous users. Run a thorough search on your machine regularly.

Other than that, be careful every time you install or download anything new. The same goes for the sites that you visit.

De-Bug your Phone

You don’t have to struggle to keep spy bugs and malware off your phone. Nowadays, you can run programs on your smartphone to safeguard your emails, calls, texts and browsing history. The secret here, as is the case with your computer, is to do it regularly. Also, avoid clicking on suspicious links as you surf the internet.

Listen to Your Phone Line

Okay, it’s hard to tap your line without raising suspicion these days. Even then, it is still doable. So, be on the lookout for unusual noises, if you have a reason to believe that someone is secretly listening to your phone calls. Some of the things to look into include interference or clicking sounds. Consider calling a friend or your answer machine to be sure that you are secure.

In Conclusion

You are not as safe as you think, so it makes perfect sense to remain vigilant.  People will want to spy you with evil motives or to know your inner secrets. Your business rival, for instance, may find ways to bring you down, and that includes tracking down your every move.

Don’t hesitate to sweep your home and business premises for surveillance bugs and camera. Watch your behavior and what comes out of your mouth if you can’t change the situation – such as when you’re at your friend’s place. As they say, you’re better off safe than sorry.

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