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[Update 23/01/2020] These were originally reviewed at £59.99. They are now available on Amazon for just £44.99 which puts them up there with some of the best affordable true wireless earbuds I have used. Furthermore, I have continued to use these, mainly for gym use, and they are still going strong.

While Groov-e may not be a household name, this is the second time I have reviewed some of their audio gear, with my previous review being their noise cancelling Elite headphones. Groov-e specialises in affordable audio products, and at £44.99 their new Soundbuds hope to compete with some of the big brand names.


  • True Wireless
  • Touch to Talk for AI
  • 4-hours battery life
  • 14-hours total via the charge case
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0, users are able to connect the SoundBuds seamlessly with any smart-device that’s up to 10 metres away. They deliver up to four hours of battery life from a single charge and up to 14 hours in total with the pocket-friendly charging case. Perfect for on-the-go and completely hassle-free, the SoundBuds automatically turn on and connect to each other once taken out of their charging case, or just use one at a time for a mono version on calls.

The ‘touch to talk’ feature which gives users access to their AI assistant without opening the phone. Simply press a button on the side of the headphones and speak directly with Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa. Using voice commands users can cue music, ask for directions, set calendar events and make phone calls quickly and easily when on-the-go.

Build and Design

There is not a massive amount of design variation for wire-free earbuds, so these are similar to many others. The entire earphone sits close to your ear inside the dome/concha, there are no dangly bits similar to the AirPods or Anker Liberty Air and they don’t stick out too far from your ears.

I have been using these for the gym, however, upon writing this review, it appears there is no IP rating. I find that wire-free earphones are inherently water-resistant due to their design, there are no cables or neck mounted controls for liquid ingress. I am a heavy sweater and long-distance runner, so all my earphones get exposed to an unpleasant amount of sweat, so far these have shown no sign of having issues with water. However, due to the lack of an IP rating, I would be cautious.

They come with three ear tip sizes which is about the standard, however, the eartips use a slightly smaller mounting hole than usual so if you want to use third-party options then they don’t fit on very tightly, though they still work.

Partly because I used third party ear tips, getting this to latch onto the charge points can sometimes be a bit hit or miss. Even with the supplied eartips, it is quite easy to place them inside the case and not latch onto the charge point, this has caused me not to charge one earphone more than once. As I have been using ear tips from someone else, I have started to remove them before putting them on charge, which can be a little annoying.


When true wireless earphones first came out, I hated them, the design is fundamentally flawed for sports as they can and will fall out. Fit is critical with these, and the fit is equally as important for getting a decent sound.

I have slowly come around to wire-free and they are now my preferred earphone for in the gym as they seem more sweat-resistant and recent reviews have proved they can stay in my ears most of the time.

These are another pair that have performed well. With the supplied ear tips, using the large option, I was able to comfortably use these in the gym with no issue. However the seal didn’t feel as secure as I would like, the tips themselves are very flimsy plastic and quite small compared to others. So I reused some from the hundreds of spares I have lying around, while they don’t slot on tightly they fit on OK, with them on the overall seal and fit improved as well as improved bass response.

Sound Quality & In Use

For my gym use, these are fantastic, they are certainly not reference earphones, they are the bassist and loudest wire free earphones I have used to date. I find totally wire free earphones tend to lack a little in both of these departments typically.

These have a very well represented bass, it may be a touch too much for some, but I like it dependant on the scenario. Mids and highs were still clear and sounded good, the earphones were able to handle a variety of genres with no particular bad points.

I suspect due to the higher than average volume and bass, these sacrifice a little battery life, they are rated at 4 hours but I have found them to be a bit less than that. For most scenarios this is fine, but for long commutes and travelling this may be a bit on the short side. The battery case has a useful LED percentage readout so you should never get caught out forgetting to charge this.

When in use you can tap the button on the side of the headphones to enable Google Assistant, the feature works perfectly well, but there is rarely a situation where talking to my phone is more convenient than taking it out of my pocket and doing something manually.


Overall these are excellent, if you like a bit more bass and volume, then these could be a perfect choice. The lack of an IP rating is disappointing as these make a perfect pair of gym earphones, and I will continue to use them as so, regardless.

While they are affordable compared to premium brands I would say they sit somewhere in the mid-ground of pricing. They are only a bit cheaper than the Anker Soundcore Anker Liberty Air, I much prefer the sound of these, but the build quality and battery life of the Anker is superior.

Groov-e Soudbuds Total Wireless Earphones Review


Pros – Superb sound for the price, loud and bassy if that is your preference.

Cons – Awkward mounting for charging, No IP rating, shorter than average battery life.

  • Overall - 85%

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