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Many face the problem of choosing clothes. What style fits? How to combine different things? What is the trend? Apps will help to cope with fashion questions. We have selected the most useful ones.

Fashion – choosing an outfit by type of figure.

To decide on an outfit, it is important to understand the features of your figure. The Fashion application will help you choose the clothes according to the desired result, emphasizing the differences.

The program determines the type of figure and gives recommendations based on this, as well as helps to combine different items of clothing. Different patterns, cuts, different textures of fabric, and even the basic laws of optics – all this was described by professionals and shared their secrets. The application contains an infographics, dedicated to these topics.

Closet Love – account of all things.

In order to refine the style, you need to keep a record of things that are already in the closet. To get rid of unnecessary things – in time. In Closet Love you can form collections of clothes depending on the season, style, color scheme and so on.

The application promises to help users to become more organized. The digital closet helps to find the right thing and remember what accessories are suitable for it. The program even allows you to track which items are in the wash or dry cleaning. Experienced stylists will help you choose the right outfit, you can buy the necessary items in the “store” section.

Stylebook – creating collages from clothing

The Stylebook app will help the user to keep track of their closet and plan their purchases. You can make a list of all your clothes to avoid repetitions and unnecessary spending and decide what else to buy.

It is convenient to create collages in the program, because special tools are built into it. It is possible both to make sets and shuffle closet items to create unexpected combinations. Arrange clothes in a virtual closet can be by brand, by color, by size and other parameters.

Stylicious – organization of a closet

stylicious app

Stylicious is a closet organizer, where you can digitize clothes and create lookbooks right on your smartphone. Now it will be easier during shopping to decide on the purchase, making sure that it is combined with other things.

The application has a built-in calendar, and you can create a plan, which will allow you to change the images and not to wear the same things every day. Item “Travel” allows you to plan what to take with you on a trip, having calculated in advance, what things you will definitely wear.

Goodlook – style selection depending on the weather

Goodlook is a lifestyle guide. The application daily offers new ready-made looks: matching dresses, tops and pants are presented complete with matching accessories and even cosmetics.

It is especially nice that in the settings of the program you can specify the temperature and weather conditions, depending on this will be selected clothes. In the autumn cold it is much more productive to look at images with warm coats and cashmere sweaters than to admire short shorts with shirts. In addition, Goodlook is throwing ideas from social networks, offering ready-made images of bloggers and stylists.

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