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Ezviz has launched a new camera to the UK market: the EB8 4G 2K Pan & Tilt Battery Camera. This groundbreaking device addresses a common challenge faced by many users – the lack of power or Wi-Fi connectivity in expansive open spaces.

The EB8 camera stands out by seamlessly merging 4G cellular networks with a robust rechargeable battery, achieving a truly wireless experience. This ensures a hassle-free installation and operation process. It’s the perfect security companion for a range of locations including holiday homes, construction zones, camping sites, caravans, and family-owned farms.

Boasting a suite of advanced features, the EB8 camera offers smart human-motion detection, crystal-clear 2K video quality, vibrant colour night vision, and an active defence mechanism. All these features are tailored to provide users with unparalleled peace of mind. Currently, the EB8 4G 2K Pan & Tilt Battery Camera can be purchased directly from EZVIZ at a retail price of £299.99.


  • 2k Resolution
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Colour Night Vision
  • Smart Human Detection
  • Active Defence
  • GPS Easily Finds Device Location
  • Works with Google Assistant
  • 4G/3G connection

Mobile 360° Protection with Unmatched Reliability

Ezviz PTZ EB8 4G PR Photo

Designed with versatility in mind, the EB8 4G camera promises remote surveillance and heightened security in areas where Wi-Fi or consistent power sources are absent. Users can simply slot in a 4G SIM card and, with the user-friendly EZVIZ mobile application, gain access to 360-degree video streams, record detection snippets, and receive instant human-motion notifications on their smartphones. This unique network capability not only offers flexibility in camera positioning but also ensures private and secure camera operation on a dedicated 4G network, eliminating the need to rely on public Wi-Fi spaces.

Innovative Solution to Traditional Outdoor Security Concerns

The challenges of Wi-Fi connectivity and power supply often deter users from setting up outdoor security. Many are hesitant about hardwiring a camera and are keen on sidestepping hefty installation fees. The EB8 4G camera transforms this narrative. Powered by a substantial 10,400 mAH battery and supported by a 4G network, this camera is also compatible with EZVIZ’s solar panel, harnessing sustainable green energy.

EZVIZ remains committed to delivering products that are not only smart but also environmentally friendly, durable, and sustainable. The EB8 4G camera is built to endure extreme weather conditions, thanks to its water and dust-resistant casing. Users can confidently “set it and forget it”. Even in the most remote locations, the camera’s GPS location feature on the EZVIZ app ensures it can be easily located. Additionally, the camera supports expansive microSD cards of up to 512 GB, ensuring that no significant moments are overlooked. Unlike many competitors, EZVIZ provides the option of local microSD storage, eliminating subscription costs. However, for added data security, users can opt for the EZVIZ CloudPlay, which offers encrypted cloud storage.

Additional Noteworthy Features

The EB8 4G camera inherits several features from EZVIZ’s acclaimed PT series. These include 360-degree panoramic views in 2K resolution, intelligent human-motion detection with auto-tracking, a one-click return to a preset angle, and an active defence system equipped with a siren and strobe light.

Candice Tu, the lead product manager of the company’s battery camera series, commented, “For homeowners situated in remote areas or those with vast properties, maintaining consistent Wi-Fi connectivity is a hurdle. The EB8 4G offers an optimal security solution for virtually any location. It’s an excellent choice for individuals seeking a singular camera to monitor their outdoor spaces or for frequent travellers requiring dependable security for their vehicles.”

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