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Everywalk is new shopping website that has been launched that allows you to browse thousands of brands online and create your own virtual shopping high street.

Based in Manchester near where we are located we decided to check out this new social and retail concept.

Signing up is extremely simple and setting everything up is straight forward. Once signed in you are shown a huge list of brands broken down into categories and presented in carousel format. You can either browse the brands at your leisure, or if you know what you want you can just search for them.

It is possible to create multiple streets, so you can break your own selections down into more sensible options. So for me I could have Tech, Fashion, Food, and Fitness.

The whole process is extremely simple and quite fun to browse. The idea behind the concept appears to be able to browse your own favourite shops and follow other peoples. I quickly learned that my street made no sense, I hadn’t broken it down into sensible categories, so it was essentially just random tech, fashion and food links. I think there were more fashion sites than tech sites which is a bit bad for a tech blogger.

This made me wonder what the point was to the whole thing, as I would never use my own street that I created. However, I started to look at it in the terms of Pinterest, rather than just a bunch of your favourite shops you already know about, following other people with your interest will allow you to find new and quirky shops.  Big names like Amazon seem a bit pointless, but I guess they have to be there. Out of the ones I picked, nearly all were big name brands, there is only Muji, who are massive, that some people might not have heard of then Oi Polloi, and End Clothing which are relatively small shops, but with a big online following.

Once the user base expands it will certainly be interesting to see what other fun brands I could find.

If you would like to check out my street, you can see it here.

And if you want to sign up you can use my referral code 902912 which can earn us both discounts.

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