Devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6 Mesh powerline kits now available

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I was a fan of the WiFi 5 based Devolo Mesh WiFi 2 and I have already reviewed the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6. My issue with the was that you theoretically end up with multiple SSIDs and depending on the quality of your home wiring there was a chance you would not be able to make the most of the WiFi 6 speeds available on the powerline connected WiFi plugs.

Devolo has now finally made the full mesh system available. Unlike the Devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6, this has a WiFi plug for each socket and this would replace all the WiFi within your home. The WiFi plug that is connected to your router would therefore be able to provide the full benefits of WiFi 6 with theoretical speeds of 1200Mb/s.

At £450 for the three-pack, it is not a cheap system but it is comparable to a triband mesh WiFI system such as the Netgear RBK753 which is currently on Amazon for £470.

While powerline may not be the best solution for everyone, the same can be said for mesh systems that use a wireless backhaul. If you have had performance issues with dual or triband mesh systems then I think powerline is well worth considering and much easier to implement than running Ethernet around your home.

Prices and availability

devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6 Mesh is now available in two different variants: The Starter Kit contains two adapters at a price of 299.99 GBP (including VAT). For coverage of larger living spaces, the devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6 Mesh Whole Home Kit includes three adapters at a price of 449.99 GBP (including VAT). The devices are fully compatible with all other products from the devolo Magic series and all current routers. devolo provides a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all products. The devolo Home Network app is available at no charge for iOS and Android. It guides the user step-by-step through the set-up process and, after initial use, makes home network management a breeze. This makes state-of-the-art technology accessible – even to users who have little to no experience in working with network technology.

Full Press Release

devolo is now presenting two new mesh kits for the perfect Wi-Fi upgrade – with the latest Wi-Fi 6 features, state-of-the-art mesh technology and the fastest Powerline standard With the new mesh kits, you can stream your favourite films in the living room in smooth 4K or 8K resolution while your children climb to the top of the online high score lists while gaming and that important video conference in the home office is held without a single interruption.

The topics of this press release:

  • Home entertainment requires strong Wi-Fi
  • The easy upgrade to mesh Wi-Fi
  • The smart home network
  • State-of-the-art and beyond – Wi-Fi 6
  • Prices and availability

Home entertainment requires strong Wi-Fi

Everything from films and TV series to music and video games – a wealth of content is available at the touch of a button. The problem is that, as the number of options grows, so does the number of end devices connected to the Internet. More and more this increased data volume becomes a challenge for a single router. Either because ageing models are unable to handle a lot of end devices at the same time – or because routers simply lose their oomph as the distance between them and the devices increases.

The easy upgrade to mesh Wi-Fi

With the Magic 2 WiFi 6 Mesh Kits, devolo provides the right solution for conveniently modernising home networks. The handy adapters convert any power socket into a high-speed access point with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi. The smart combination of innovative technologies ensures continuously high data rates. While the adapters generate stable mesh Wi-Fi in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency band in accordance with the Wi-Fi 6 standard, the Powerline backbone ensures a robust connection that can’t be stopped by walls and ceilings.

The solution is simply genius and likewise ingeniously simple. Equipped with true plug-and-play convenience, the adapters connect to each other in a fully automated auto pairing process and provide a state-of-the-art wireless home network. The Wi-Fi of the router can and should be switched off after the installation to create a perfectly harmonized Wi-Fi 6 home network.

The smart home network

Then even the most dilapidated wireless network can be replaced with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi with mesh convenience in no time. This includes, for example, Airtime Fairness to provide fast end devices with more transmission time (airtime). Band Steering automatically connects end devices to the best frequency band to enable smart management of the wireless network. Access Point Steering and Client Steering, in turn, ensure a low-interruption connection from one devolo Magic 2 WiFi adapter to the next one, for example, when users move through their home with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

State-of-the-art and beyond – Wi-Fi 6

In addition, the home network benefits from the advantages that come with the current Wi-Fi 6 standard (also known as Wi-Fi ax). Above all, these include OFDMA (orthogonal frequency-division multiple access). This is a modulation technology that uses available frequencies more efficiently.

Moreover, thanks to bidirectional MU-MIMO, even multiple end devices can be connected simultaneously and optimally. This is particularly important for modern households because the number of Wi-Fi end devices is growing from year to year. The Target Wake Time (TWT), which has been significantly optimised compared to conventional networks, also controls wireless communication highly efficiently and puts devices into sleep mode for longer if they don’t need a connection at the moment. This more regular and longer pausing of wireless communication saves energy and battery capacity.

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