Huawei unveils Huawei Watch – Android Wear smartwatch and TalkBand B2 Fitness tracker

With the growth of the Smartwatch industry it is no surprise that Huawei have joined in on the action. Today they announced 2 new wearable, the first is the TalkBand B2 which is the successor to last years B1 and is a wrist-worn Bluetooth earpiece and fitness tracker. The second is probably the most attractive Android Wear watch … Read more

Pebble Announces Pebble Time Smart Watch. Raises $500K on Kickstarter in 17 Minutes

Pebble has was one of the first and is still one of the most successful smart watches.  It was originally announced on Kickstarter and become one of the biggest successes for the site ever. Based on the Kickstarter success, Pebble have decided to launch their new Pebble Time on there too. The decision appears to … Read more

Garmin Vivosmart Review

Garmin has been at the forefront of fitness technology for many years so it comes as no surprise that they have launched into the fitness tracker market in an attempt to compete with companies like FitBit. They have entered the market with 2 products, the Vivofit and the VivoSmart priced at £99.99 and £139.99. The … Read more

Is there any demand for SmartWatches?

2014 is definitely all about the smart watch. While there have been Smartwatch releases in the past with the Sony Smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear , this year has seen a massive influx of companies jumping on the smartwatch band wagon. Google has launched Android wear, along with multiple companies producing Android Watches and now … Read more

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