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Bosch has unveiled its latest innovation in floor care – the Unlimited 7 Aqua. This groundbreaking product is the brand’s first cordless vacuum cleaner that also functions as a mop, allowing users to tackle multiple surfaces and clean their homes more efficiently than ever before.

The Unlimited 7 Aqua is designed to save time and effort by combining two essential cleaning tasks into one appliance. With its powerful suction and unique mopping features, this versatile device can handle everything from dust and dirt to stubborn stains on various floor types.

Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously

Bosch Launches Unlimited 7 Aqua 2

One of the standout features of the Unlimited 7 Aqua is its ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously, eliminating the need to clean twice. The 2in1 DynamicAqua Mop attachment boasts a high-power suction channel that removes dust and loose dirt, while two Power Spinning Pads automatically receive fresh water to wipe away even the most stubborn stains. For dry cleaning or vacuuming carpets, users can easily switch to the included AllFloor Dynamic Power Brush.

Tackle Stubborn Stains with Ease

The Unlimited 7 Aqua comes equipped with special microfibre Power Spinning Pads that rotate at up to 200 rpm, actively removing stubborn stains while remaining gentle on hard surfaces. These pads are made from a soft, effective fabric that ensures a thorough clean without damaging floors.

Automatic Water Supply for Optimal Cleaning

To ensure the perfect amount of moisture for effective cleaning, the Aqua nozzle features a built-in pump that automatically supplies water to the spinning pads every 20 seconds. Users can adjust the water flow using the Water Control Button, increasing the amount for particularly stubborn stains or stopping the Automatic Water Supply system as needed. Thanks to the precise water dosage, floors dry quickly after cleaning.

Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas with Flexible Design

The Unlimited 7 Aqua’s flexible tube and 180° compact head make it easy to clean even the most awkward places, such as under furniture, in corners, and along edges. The vacuum can be clipped onto furniture or the back of a chair, allowing users to move rugs or clear space for deep cleaning without having to hold the device.

Hygienic and Versatile Cleaning Solution

Unlike traditional mops, the Unlimited 7 Aqua offers a more hygienic and versatile cleaning experience. Users can add cleaning products directly to the water tank, and the spinning pads can be easily cleaned in the washing machine at 40°C and reused. Special tags on the mopping pads allow for hands-free removal and transfer to the washing machine. Additionally, the HEPA Filtration System filters remove 99.97% of fine dust and allergens, making it an ideal choice for those with allergies or sensitivities.

Cleaner Air with Premium HEPA Filtration System

Bosch understands the importance of excellent air quality, especially for allergy sufferers. The Unlimited 7 Aqua features a premium HEPA Filtration System that filters out 99.97% of fine dust particles, preventing them from being released back into the room. The combination of various filters, seals, and a cyclone in the dust box ensures that the exhaust air is cleaner than the normal air in your home. The premium metal mesh filter also guarantees easy cleaning.

Lightweight and Maneuverable for Effortless Cleaning

As part of the Unlimited 7 range from Bosch, the Aqua offers all the great features of an Unlimited 7 vacuum. Weighing just 3.0 kg, this lightweight and maneuverable device features a 180-degree hinge and bendable “Flex Tube” and “Long Flexible Crevice Nozzle” for reaching tricky and awkward places with ease. The AllFloor Dynamic Power Brush with LED lights ensures spotless cleaning results on all surfaces.

Powerful Performance and Extended Runtime

The Unlimited 7 Aqua boasts a motor with up to 66,000 rpm and a powerful 3aH battery that provides 20% more energy compared to a 2.5aH battery. With a runtime of 40 minutes, this cordless vacuum and mop makes keeping floors clean effortless. It also picks up 99.9% of dust and allergens, ensuring a deep clean every time.

Availability and Pricing

The Bosch Unlimited 7 Aqua is available to buy now from the Bosch website with a retail price of £499. This innovative 2-in-1 cordless vacuum and mop is set to revolutionize the way people clean their homes, offering a more efficient and effective solution for maintaining spotless floors.

With its powerful performance, versatile cleaning capabilities, and innovative features, the Bosch Unlimited 7 Aqua is poised to become a must-have appliance for homeowners looking to streamline their cleaning routine and achieve impeccable results on all floor types.

Initial Impressions

Bosch Unlimited 7 Aqua

Bosch has kindly sent me the Unlimited 7 Aqua to review, but I didn’t have enough time to do a full review prior to a holiday.

I have used it a few times to mop my kitchen and bathroom, and my initial impression is that it is excellent. I like that there is a head to use it as a normal cordless vacuum or with the mop head for hard floors.

I generally rely on my robot vacuum for most of my cleaning needs, but robot vacuums are not very good at mopping. They tend to wipe down the surface, which can mean the dirt does not get removed. The Unlimited 7 Aqua is much more capable of cleaning hard floors, and unlike a mop, I don’t have to vacuum first or worry about having the mop too wet and causing damage to the flooring.

Even though I don’t own any other Bosch tools, I like the fact they have a universal battery that could easily swap out and therefore avoid the short battery life issues that most cordless vacuums have.

Unlimited 7 Aqua Assembled

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