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Yesterday, Apple announced the new iPhone 14 series, which consists of 4 different phones and is the first time we have seen a Plus model since the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple appears to be separating the phones off into two distinct models with two sizes for each. You have the affordable (for Apple) iPhone 14 and Plus, then the two flagship Pro models. The Pro models come with a 30% price premium compared to the none Pro models, but you get the newer, more powerful chipset. There are then three cameras, including a new 48 MP, the first time in years that Apple has increased the megapixels on of the phones. They have also introduced a pill-shaped punch hole, but to avoid comparison to Android, which has used punch holes for years, they have tweaked the UI to make the black bar change shape and then called it a Dynamic Island.

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Apple doesn’t include a case with the phone, and if you are spending around a grand on the phone, you probably should put it in a case to protect it as much as possible.

Even though the pre-orders have not opened for the iPhone yet, you can already buy cases from many well known brands. This is worth doing to make sure you have a good quality case before your phone arrives.

Cheap Amazon Cases

Amazon has not been inundated with cases just yet.

For the iPhone 14, several brands are advertising cases as being compatible with both the iPhone 14 and 14.

Therefore you may be able to use your old iPhone 13 case with the iPhone 14.

Ringke Cases

If you need a cheap case, then I am a fan of Ringke. I use one of their cases on my Pixel 6 and have dropped it loads without any damage.

ESR Cases

ESR iphone 14

ESR are the only other semi-well-known brand that is listing iPhone 14 cases. Similar to Ringke, most of these are clear cases, and some have kickstands too.

CASETiFY iPhone 14 Cases

I refuse to use that stupid capitalisation more than once in an article. Castify has launched a massive number of cases already. They basically consist of 7 different cases, just hundreds of designs.

All the cases are available for all four iPhone 14 models with some iPhone 14 Pro Max cases exceeding £80!

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases
  • iPhone 14 Pro Cases
  • iPhone 14 Plus Cases
  • iPhone 14  Cases
10a PR Keynote Colors

The Bounce cases have an exaggerated corner providing bounce protection. They claim 21.3ft drop protection with 6x MIL-STD-810G. I am not entirely sure what the 6x means, I wasn’t aware you could comply with a standard by six fold. MIL-STD-810G is also out of date, and it was replaced by MIL-STD-810H in 2019. However, I think what they are trying to imply is that this case is very good at protecting your phone.

Ultra impact cases are a less extreme version of the Bounce. Impact cases then have no visible corner bump, but of course, dial down the protection further.

There are pillow cases, which only provide basic protection but have a soft squishy feel to them. Then leather and compostable, which are more or less self-explanatory.

Mujjo iPhone 14 Cases

Mujjo iPhone 14 Pro Tan Wallet Case 1

Mujjo is a bit more style focussed, opting for classy-looking leather cases. These all use real leather, not the vegan/plasitic alternative. They call it Ecco leather which is vegetable-tanned leather from the Netherlands.

You have a standard model or one that holds cards.

Prices are US$54, £54 and €55 for all models (incl. VAT for UK and Europe).

View the full collection here

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