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Following the review of the excellent F-Secure Total, F-Secure has been kind enough to provide me 2 licences to give away to my readers. This is a 5-device licence which would normally cost £99.99 each if you were to buy it directly from F-Secure.

As you will find in my review F-Secure is my favourite security suite as it has a comprehensive list of features while not being resource intensive and is minimally invasive. If you find you don’t need a feature it is quite simple to disable as and when needed.

The licence covers both mobile and PC and you have a family with young children there are some superb family rules options that you can manage online. With the family rules, you can assign the number of hours per day a person can access the internet, bedtimes, and content filtering.

My favourite feature is the superb VPN which is a sperate application and I find it to be the most reliable VPN for maintaining fast connections I have tried. If you are unfamiliar with VPNs it will pass all your internet traffic through another server in a completely secure way, these allow you to surf the internet completely anonymously and choose which country you want your IP to be based in.

If you like the sound of all these features then you can enter below for your chance to win one of the two copies. As usual, it is social media entries with Rafflecopter.

If you don’t win the competition you can always pick up a licence from Amazon. They have a decent offer for the 3 device version for just £44.92

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