CES 2022: Pocketalk launches App & Subtitles adopting a cloud-based app translation service vs hardware

Pocketalk is one of the top makers of handheld translation devices that have become popular in recent years. I was impressed with the Pocketalk S Voice Translator which provided accurate and quick translation with 2-years of free data for translation using the built-in eSIM. They are now expanding their product range into cloud-based app translation … Read more

Pocketalk S Voice Translator Review – Instant voice translation with 2-years worldwide data

With the prospect of foreign travel much more likely for next year for me, having a device like the Pocketalk S voice translator could save a great deal of stress whilst abroad. Details Converse in 82 different languages Sleek design with large touchscreen that provides a text translation for additional clarity One-button translation for simpler … Read more

Timekettle M2 Real-Time Translation vs Google Translate Review & compared vs Timekettle WT2 Plus

Real translation devices have become increasingly popular recently offering some Star Trek like universal translation functionality. The Timekettle M2 is the latest model, offering a more affordable option compared to the £170  WT2 Plus. Timekettle M2 vs Timekettle WT2 Plus Specification The Timekettle M2 is both more affordable and designed to be used in a … Read more

Langogo Genesis AI Language Translator Device Review – 105 Languages Instant Two-Way Voice Translator with eSIM Inside

If you ever wished, you could have a universal translator from Star Treck the Langogo Genesis Translator may be the device for you. This small device has a near-instant two-way translation for 105 different languages and a built-in eSim so you can travel the world and communicate with the locals without the hassle of buying … Read more