TCL 10 5G Review – A good attempt at competing with the OnePlus Nord

The TCL 10 5G was announced all the way back at CES in January when the world was relatively normal. The TCL 10 Pro was later launched in May, which was a good phone but with a confusing specification for its price. Today, the TCL 10 5G is finally launched, the spec and pricing are … Read more

TCL 10 Pro Review – Could have been great but let down by poor chipset choice

TCL 10 Pro display

The TCL 10 series is the follow up to the TCL Plex launched at IFA last year, with the new phones being more of an iteration of the Plex rather than brand-new phones. The TCL 10 Pro and the affordable TCL 10L will be launched UK Week 23 (week commencing 1st of June) with Ireland … Read more

TCL 10 Pro Initial Impressions & Comparison vs TCL 10 5G & 10L & TCL Plex

TCL 10 Pro Rear

TCL is a massive company that many regular consumers may not be aware of; they are one of the biggest consumer electronics producers in the world and the third-largest television manufacturer by market share. They have been developing mobile phones for years, but in partnerships with other brands, this includes Alcatel which itself is owned … Read more